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What’s the difference between alkaline and lithium batteries?

We spend a lot of time talking about flashlights on this blog (duh, right?), but batteries are just as important; without batteries, you can’t even use a flashlight. It seemed worthwhile to spend a little time going over some battery information since batteries play such a crucial role in the functionality of your flashlight.

I never know what the difference is between various types of batteries, like alkaline and lithium, so I figured some of you might not know either. Beside the fact that alkaline batteries have alkaline in them and lithium batteries have lithium in them, here are some of their differences:

Alkaline Batteries

  • Cheaper
  • More readily available
  • Shorter shelf life (5 yrs.)

Lithium Batteries 

  •  More power output for their size than alkaline
  • Weigh less than alkaline batteries (this is a plus if you’re hiking/backpacking)
  • Typically more resistant to extreme temperatures
  • Longer shelf life (10-15 yrs.)
  • More expensive upfront

The batteries you’ll see most often in flashlights are probably alkaline and lithium, and they’re made for single use. This means once they run out, you throw the batteries away. Alkaline is probably the most common type of battery overall, and they are used in many everyday electronics. While Lithium batteries are available in AA and AAA, they are also available in some of the other common (but harder to find) batteries like CR123A.

If you see a battery that says “Lithium Ion,” then it’s rechargeable. Rechargeable batteries are the best for heavily used devices and also heavy-drain devices.

Sometimes the cheaper, more readily available battery will suit your needs just fine, but other times, you’ll need a more expensive one. And, of course, the type of battery you need will depend on the flashlight you’re using.

We happen to carry some awesome batteries at Blade HQ, and they come in a variety of sizes and from variety of brands. We even have some battery chargers. Take a look:

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