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Fathers Day Gift Guide

If your father is anything like mine, he is practically impossible to shop for.  Every year Father’s Day rolls around I am left with absolutely no idea what to get Dad.  I put it off, and put it off until it becomes an emergency, then I end up with a gift card, or a box of new golf balls.  I’m ashamed to admit it, but that’s just how it goes.  Well this year, I decided to get Dad something he will actually use.  The days of hideous ties, and “#1 Dad” mugs is over.  No matter what dad is into, there is definitely going to be something for him on this year’s Father’s Day Gift Guide.
Maybe this year has been rough, and you are shopping for dad on a bit of a budget.  Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.  Check out the $100 and under section.  This section is the perfect place to get dad something great without emptying your wallet.  Offering knives from Boker, Kershaw, and CRKT, Dad will be none the wiser.  Get these quality knives for an even better price in this year’s Gift Guide.
Or, if you can afford to spend a little bit more, check out the Gift Ideas $100 to $250.   Get Dad that awesome Microtech OTF he has had his eye on.  Or, go with the Emerson Rangmaster, and give Dad the gift of a new EDC.  Give him something he can take with him everywhere he goes, and use every day.  These are just 2 options of an awesome selection to choose from.  Pick out the perfect one for your Dad.
The Gift Guide also offers and awesome selection of Multi-tools.   Give Dad exactly what he wants, something to help him as he is going around the house “fixing” this or “tightening” that.  Give him an awesome multi-tool he can take with him everywhere he goes, so he isn’t constantly searching for “that one tool” that he swears “was here just a minute ago”.  With over 20 pages of different tools, rest assured there will be something to fit your Dad’s needs.
Maybe Dad has his favorite knife or Multi tool, and he isn’t looking to replace them.  What then?  Well don’t you worry, this year’s Gift Guide also features a whole selection of shaving accessories.  With a selection of straight razors, strops, and brushes, there is no doubt you can really make Dad feel like a proper gentleman.  That crusty, old Gillete served its purpose, but let dad know he deserves better with something like the Boker Nickel-Plated Shaving Set.  It comes with the Razor, Badger Brush, Stand and Cream Bowl.  He will have everything he needs to get the best shave of his life. Oh, and don’t forget to get those replacement razors, so his shaves will always feel brand new.
Why are you still here? This year, give Dad the gift he actually wants, so head over and check out the amazing selection offered in this year’s awesome Father’s Day Gift Guide.
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