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Victorinox: New Knives Join the Swiss Army Lineup

The Victorinox Venture Pro, Evoke, And Limited Edition Alox scales pocket knife.

Everyone knows that Swiss Army’s the go-to knife when you want to go full MacGyver. But fictional, knife-wielding characters aside, did you know that famous mountaineers have made Victorinox their choice when tackling Everest? And one was even used when an astronaut had to break into a space station that was too tightly sealed? Survival in space with a Swiss Army. That’s hardcore legit.

The iconic Victorinox Swiss Army Pocket Knife

Basically, the iconic Swiss Army Knife is beloved, known by knife nuts and regular Joes the world over. Popular in Switzerland from its inception in 1897, it was WWII soldiers who caught the attention of everyone else when they brought the “Offiziersmesser“ home in record numbers and coined the term Swiss Army Knife.

You may already know these bits of trivia. If you’re a knife fan like us at the HQ, you most likely even own one—or at least have a family member who does. 

But have you seen what they’ve been up to lately? Because trust me, you need to see these. 

The Best of What’s New from Victorinox 

Alox Limited Edition 2024  

First, let’s start with their classic styles, but with the latest and greatest in this year’s limited edition. (Meaning, once they’re gone, they’re gone.) The iconic Swiss Army Alox is gorgeously textured for grip, and the new Terra Brown has a natural, earthy look with a greenish cast that just makes you want to go camping. It’s the perfect gift for your nature-loving friend, and you’ll want one yourself. 

This collectible has the year stamped on the back, which is perfect when you’re celebrating a meaningful event in your life. For instance, a graduation or a wedding are the perfect times for a Swiss Army knife gift. Nothing makes better groomsmen and bridesmaid gifts than something your wedding party will actually use in their day-to-day life

However, if you’re looking for a design that’s a little different, read on! Here are a couple of new models that depart from the traditional style we’ve come to love from the famous brand. 

The Venture: The Best in Bushcraft Knife Design 

This is a good one, knife fans! Enter the Victorinox Venture, my personal favorite of the new knives. At Blade HQ, we have the privilege of checking out the newest models when they arrive on our doorstep. It’s like Christmas! After passing the Venture around and putting it through its paces, we have thoughts.

We love the 90-degree spine that is perfect for fire-starting, and the Scandi grind’s a thing of beauty. The jimping on the spine towards the tip is perfect for guiding with your non-dominant hand. The Sandvik 14C28N has exceptional toughness, and you can beat it up even more than the premium MagnaCut. And, of course, every hunting/camping/bushcrafting knife must have a sturdy, full tang. Victorinox hasn’t let us down, there. This is a solid fixed blade that will last. 

The company tells us they had this piece developed by outdoors experts, but even if they hadn’t advertised this, we would’ve known. It’s obvious that people who knew what they were doing were behind the Venture’s creation. The appeal is in its simplicity and functionality. The full tang, non-slip handle and blade shape are made to conquer outdoor adventures. Even the sheath is designed for extra utility as it also functions as a blow tube for fast fire building. 

Simple, but a stunner. 

The Victorinox Evoke: An Award-Winning Pocket Knife 

Then there’s the Victorinox Evoke. Sometimes, you just need a good pocket knife. Yeah, the tweezers and corkscrew and tiny scissors are lifesavers, but sometimes a bigger, full-bellied blade is what belongs in your pocket, too.  

The handle ergonomics are insane, with finger grooves designed for the ultimate comfortable grip. The grind is scandi-esque, but with a finer and sharper edge than you normally see. 

We noticed the lockback design immediately, which is strong and easy to use. Another standout worth noting is the thumb studs, which are removable so you can customize it to your liking. This folding knife is simple, sturdy, and a pleasure to use. 

Notably, the Evoke is a Red Dot Design Award winner, which is an international competition that celebrates excellence. So don’t just take our word for it; this one’s a winner. 


It’s always a pleasure to see the classic knifemaking companies we know and love expand their repertoire into other excellent designs. Whether experimenting with the classics and coming up with different looks or producing some new serious fixed blade knives and folders, we’re big fans. Take a look and let us know what you think.

Stay sharp, knife friends!