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Sweet Schrade Blades

If you want a blade that can handle most daily tasks and that you can rough up without feeling bad, consider Schrade.

We just got some new Schrades in, and they’re pretty awesome. They are inexpensive, so you really can give them a beating without feeling too bad about it—why spend tons of money on an expensive knife when a more affordable one will do the job just as well?

They’re also equipped with sub-3.5-inch blades, making them ideal choices for everyday carry—you don’t want to carry around something all day that’s going to be too big and bulky, and Schrade makes some sleek, compact blades.

If I just described what you’re looking for, get a Schrade knife! They will do your bank account a favor, and they’ll work great for you, too. Here are a few of the new models we got in recently:

Schrade SCH307

schrade-sch307-brown-background-blogThe 307 has a titanium-coated stainless steel handle and tanto blade, and it also has a framelock with good lockup to help you with your daily tasks. Other features include a tip-down carry pocket clip and dual thumb studs.

Schrade SCH308

schrade-sch308-brown-background-blogThe 308 also has a titanium-coated blade and handle, a framelock, a tip-down carry pocket clip, and dual thumb studs. Unlike the 307, however, the 308 has some texturing on the handle that adds some gripping to the otherwise smooth handle.

Schrade SCH600 and 601 Ti

schrade-sch660ti-brown-background-blogThe 600 Ti is more expensive than the 307 and 308, but it’s got some nice additions I think you’ll like. The modified recurved drop point blade adds some originality to the overall look of the knife, and the handle has two finger grooves that give you some nice, secure gripping. It has a titanium-coated blade and handle, like the 307 and 308, but it has a D2 steel blade. Other features include thumb studs, a framelock, flipper, and a tip-down carry pocket clip.

If you’re in the market for an affordable blade, or if you have yet to add some Schrade knives to your collection, check these knives out! Get yours at Blade HQ!