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Bear & Sons Cutlery Butterfly Knives

Bear & Sons Cutlery is an Alabama-based knife company with a rich family tradition in knife making craftsmanship. They embrace quality, durability and beauty. These values are apparent in their knives. Their factory is unique in that it is fully self-contained and in-house: from the very beginning (building their own blanking dies) to heat treating, grinding and assembly to the very end (hand finishing), each knife is made with care, precision and quality.  Their knives are made in the USA.

Bear & Sons Cutlery butterfly knives are great starter balisongs for their price range. Why? Bear & Sons use pin construction for their pivot points; there is minimal (if any) adjusting that needs to to be done; the weight of specific butterfly knives are comparable to the Bradley Kimura and Benchmade Balisongs. These butterfly knives have smooth rotations and good balance between blade and handles.

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You cannot go wrong with a Bear & Sons Butterfly knife. It is a great, affordable, high quality starter knife. These knives retail between $35 to $210. You can find great deals on Bear & Sons Butterfly Knives and more at BladeHQ.com.

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