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Coming Soon: TOPS Knives

TOPS has some swank fixed blades coming soon to a knife retailer near you (*cough* BladeHQ.com).
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TOPS Tibo Fixed Knife @ <a href="http://www.bladehq.com">BladeHQ.com</a>


The features that are built into this knife make it a very versatile tool, one that not only functions as a back-up neck knife but at 6.25-inches total length and 1.9 ounces it will serve very well as a stand-alone fixed blade for minimalist backpackers who count every gram as well. If you want a very functional and light-weight small knife, one that multitasks well in various roles and offers a secure grip in even the worse conditions, then the TOPS Tibo was purpose-designed to meet your needs.
TOPS Hiss Fixed Blade @ <a href="http://www.bladehq.com">BladeHQ.com</a>

Cuma Hiss
Waysun “Johnny” Tsai has designed another knife; the CUMA (Combined Universal Martial Applications) Hiss. This knife is a great versatile daily-use knife (like most TOPS knives).  It features a larger handle for better grip and control; a reverse drop-point, straight-edged blade great for daily chores and self-defense (if the need arises); and small enough to conceal carry.
TOPS Viper Scout Fixed Blade @ <a href="http://www.bladehq.com">BladeHQ.com</a>Viper Scout
The Viper Scout was first presented 7 months ago at the International Shot Show and received great praise and acceptance by the professional outdoor community. The blade is wider than your average knife, ensuring inherent strength. The handle has the Rocky Mountain Tread trademarked contour on it.  A 100% leather sheath, made right here in Idaho Falls, carries the knife close to the body with an easily accessible draw.

TOPS Mojo 2x Fixed Blade @ <a href="http://www.bladehq.com">BladeHQ.com</a>Mojo 2X
Leo Espinoza was inspired to create a small, light-weight, compact and practical tool/knife that he could carry with him all day and every day…even when he was out fishing or hunting for small game. It is enclosed with a multi-positional steel spring clip (for belt carry) and a neck chain (for an easy concealed carry under your shirt). Either way, it deploys easily. Its flowing design enables a large number of uses (whether you have large or small hands) including: skinning, cleaning fish, general daily chores (from boxes to cord) and as a utility everyday user.

TOPS Shadow Rider @ <a href="http://www.bladehq.com">BladeHQ.com</a>Shadow Rider
The blade is contoured for a variety of outdoor uses as well as for concealed carry (if needed). It makes an ideal ‘lite-carry’ for backpackers, hunters, bikers, off-roaders, and a variety of weekend explorers. It certainly can help with a variety of tasks, including: making a fire, making snares, hunting & dressing game, digging, light splitting, building a small shelter, camp chores including preparing food in the field, and if need be…self-defense. The Shadow Rider makes an ideal addition to a Bug-Out-Bag, 72 hour kit, or for light pack trips.

TOPS IDT Axe @ <a href="http://www.bladehq.com">BladeHQ.com</a>IDT (Individual Demolition Tool)
TOPS IDT has an extra heavy tactical head, by itself it weighs one pound, made of 3/8″ thick 1095 tempered carbon steel. The head is attached to a special handle configuration, which improves the momentum of the chop or down stroke. The handle is made of a chrome moly alloy. Chrome moly is like steel on steroids. To ensure a very secure grip on the handle, TOPS has provided a large 8″ grip area on the handle, made from ‘EEZER FOAM’. The smooth surface finish is non-slip under adverse conditions and is a high density shock-absorber and insulator, with good abrasion resistance.

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