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Articles by Kurtis:

3 Best Budget Butterfly Knives

Looking to buy budget butterfly knives? Let us help you out. Here’s what you need to know: Butterfly knives can range from $7 to around $400+. If you’re a beginner, we recommend spending between $10-$50 to see if you like flipping balisongs. Keep in mind:  these are entry-level balis with pin construction in the pivots...

Bladeplay Butterfly Knives Now Available At Grindworx

Checkout Grindworx, the rebranded Bladeplay, for the best affordable butterfly knives available. Bladeplay has rebranded in an effort to better introduce the brand’s goals, culture, message, and push more butterfly knives out to you guys! Bladeplay has been a massive source of butterfly knives and has flawlessly provided fans with a variety of styles, affordable...
Beginner Butterfly Tricks

Beginner Butterfly Tricks

Learning to use a butterfly knife is a relatively easy process if you know a few of the basics of knife flipping. What begins with some basic opening and closing of the knife can eventually lead to something far more impressive such as this: Butterfly Knife Fundamentals The first technique you need to master is...
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