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Microtech Ultratech gone green?

Microtech Zombie Green Ultratech @ BladeHQ.com
Hang on to your pants…the Microtech Ultratech has gone rogue! It’s diverging from the status quo and will come in green…..read on.  It won’t be your average moss green, mantis green, tea green, light green or even hooker’s green (it’s really a color). It will be zombie green! Fun, right?
The zombie green handle of the Ultratech will be accented with a black-finished blade, black hardware and a black glass breaker.  You will have a choice of three different blade types: dagger, tanto and drop point. This styling OTF will be a great addition to your zombie survival gear. Or for those of you still sitting on the fence on whether a zombie apocalypse will even happen, the zombie green OTF will be a sweet addition to your knife collection. This Ultratech will make a great conversational piece:

“Hey uh that’s a nice green Ultratech you have there.”

“No, no it’s not just a green Ultratech. It’s a zombie green Ultratech.”

“Wow, a zombie green Ultratech!”

*wonderful exciting, and perhaps even titillating, conversation ensues*

If this rogue OTF Ultratech tickles your fancy, you will be able to buy it on bladehq.com when Microtech releases this knife for retail. Go to bladehq.com, log in and add the Microtech Ultratech to your wishlist.

Tell me what you think of this new Utlratech.