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Spyderco Paramilitary 2 Spotlight & GIVEAWAY!

***Congrats to Chuck Kitterman, proud owner of a new Spyderco Paramilitary 2! The giveaway is now officially closed.
Spyderco Paramilitary 2 You’re in for a real treat today. The Spyderco Paramilitary 2 is without a doubt one of the most sought-after folders in the knife world, and guess what Blade HQ is giving away today? That’s right—the one and only Paramilitary 2. You’re welcome.
Skip to the bottom of this post for instructions on how to enter the giveaway, but for those of you who might not know, here’s why the Paramilitary 2 is so awesome:
1)      It has excellent ergonomics
2)      It has high quality materials
3)      It has a very strong locking mechanism
If you have tuned in to the Knife Blog at all recently, then you probably saw our most recent set of knife locking mechanism infographics. The Paramilitary 2 features Spyderco’s Compression Lock, which looks like this:
The Compression Lock is super strong because as you can see, the protruding portion of the split liner, which holds the blade in place, is wedged between a stop pin and the actual tang of the blade. The only place for the liner to go is sideways because there’s nowhere for it to move up or down (thanks to the stop pin and blade tang), so it is very unlikely that the lock will fail from pressure put on the spine or belly of the blade. Basically the liner must be pushed to the side and out of the way for the blade to be able to open and close.
Some people refer to this lock as a “reverse liner lock” because the portion of the liner that you push on to open and close the blade is located on the spine of the knife handle, not the underside like you find in your typical liner lock.
These are just a few of the reasons that people love the Paramilitary 2. For a chance to win this black Spyderco Paramilitary 2 with a satin blade, follow the simple instructions below.

How Do I Enter to Win?

Let’s get the rules out of the way first, shall we?

  1. You must be at least 18 years old to enter
  2. You must have a valid US shipping address (or be willing to pay for shipping if you’re international)
  3. If you win, you have 48 hours to claim your prize or we’ll select a new winner. Because we’ll be contacting you via email, be sure to use an email address you check regularly (see below).


  1. Like this post
  2. Share this post on Facebook
  3. Leave a comment at the bottom of this actual blog post, NOT on Facebook, telling us why you’d like a Spyderco Paramilitary 2. Make sure to leave your comment with an email address you check often.

This giveaway ends on Monday, November 10th at 10 am MST, and we’ll be contacting the winner shortly thereafter. The winner will be selected with random.org, so you’ve all got an equal shot at winning. It should be a really quick turnaround from the time the giveaway ends to the time the winner is contacted, so make sure you stay close to your email next week!
Be sure to enter to win, and best of luck to you!

*A quick note: Don’t panic if you submit a comment and it doesn’t show up right away. The first time you ever make a comment on the blog, the comment must be manually approved so it may take a while before yours shows up (especially if you comment on Saturday or Sunday when no one’s working). Rest assured, though, that every comment made before 10 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 10th will be approved and included in the drawing!

413 thoughts on “Spyderco Paramilitary 2 Spotlight & GIVEAWAY!

  1. I think the Para 2 would make a great EDC. Great size and Spyderco reputation for quality products.

  2. Ahhh yes hello, i’d like me some of that sharp goodness. Hello? Heloo? i think they hung up. 😉

  3. I want that knife ! I have already the Resilience and it’s a beast ! But the PM2 has a compression lock and better ergonomics !

  4. I would love to have this knife. I really enjoy my spyderco manix2 and tenacious and would like to add to those another of your high quality products.

  5. A para 2 had been on my bucket list of knives for awhile now. This would help me scratch that one off my list.

  6. There’s a reason this knife is so sought after. It’s an amazing EDC and I’d absolutely love to own one.

  7. Why I deserve the beautiful Pm2… I am a former Marine and I recently welcomed my first child into this world. She is my whole world. Since her birth, money has been tight and I haven’t been able to purchase a Pm2. I have wanted one of these gorgeous blades for a long time now. Please make my dreams come true buy gifting me that awesome piece of craftsmanship. Thank you

  8. I love PM2 because it’s a multi purpose knife with great ergonomics. Razor sharp blade for cutting boxes or preparing meat.

  9. Sharp design. Looks like it is very functional. Would be a great knife for a woman to carry in purse also.

  10. I want to win so maybe I’ll learn to like spyderco knives. If not it would be a great gift to my brother.

  11. The Para 2 is unique. There is nothing else like it; quality, ergo’s, edge, etc.. This would be the perfect gift for my son, who is in the Marines in Iraq, just in time for his Christmas care package.
    Thank you for the opportunity to participate.

  12. I’d like a chance to win this because my Ambitious got stolen at work, now Im EDC knifeless 🙁

  13. I would love to have one too keep on me at all times. I live in an unsafe area, and I could protect myself with this if need be.

  14. I’d like to add it to my SAR gear. Excellent locking system and it would be great for the primary go-to knife.

  15. I’ve read and heard many good things about Spyderco knives, especially the Paramilitary 2 but never had the chance to own something from them. Would love to have it as my go-to EDC blade.

  16. I’d like to have a PM2 because I hear it’s the ultimate EDC blade and right now my best blade is a Cryo 2. I need a knife made of some high quality materials!

  17. I want the para2 because it is impossible to find or buy here on mexico, the para 2 has a reputation of be one of the best knives out there, as autoomtive mechanic, i need a reliable knive to work with…. and.. this one would be great…

  18. I would love to start my mid to high-end knife collection with a spyderco. I’ve never had the opportunity to own anything better than a $20 beater knife, so this would be an awesome chance.

  19. I love spyderco and everything they stand for, the paramilitary 2 is one of my favorite designs , not to mention the reverse liner lock is innovative as heck… thanks for the chance!

  20. Would love to have a Spyderco PM2, I’m very new to Spyderco, and it looks like a solid folder.

  21. I need to win because I wouldn’t normally be able to afford one and I’ve always wanted one!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I would love to win paramilitary 2 because I’m really trying to build my collection, but that tends to be difficult for a broke college kid to do. Winning this might save me some money to buy real food with lol

  23. I would love a Spyderco Paramilitary 2 because I currently do not own a Spyderco, and I definitely want a nice blade to add to my small collection of knives ^_^

  24. I want this knife. Because I have had a love affair with Spyderco for 14 yrs now. I have 12 spyderco knives. This would make an awesome 13.

  25. That is just a beautiful knife that is not easy to com by here in the UK and yes I am willing to pay for the international cost…happily

  26. I never owned a spyderco, and I just broke my SOG Blink, so I would like to try something new…..

  27. Perfect knife to carry for me that I could use with one hand while I have my service dog with me while I am out. He’s a great dane And Mastiff mix so he’s a big guy. So I need a hand on the leash while watching my 6 and I can use the knife.

  28. Ever since I was a kid and in the boy scouts of America,having a knife has always been a no-brainer just something useful on your personal. Over the years I would constantly go from retiring my good ole Swiss army knife to carrying it as an all purpose tool next to my actual every day carry. The elusive knife that has everything :function,strong,sharp, or as I’ve always gone on a never ending quest to find a “knife that is light as a feather , pointy as a needle and cuts like a cleaver “. Since this profile usually begs the question of a fixed blade and most stated either frown upon or down right criminalize open carry, well you get the point. In my home state of California it’s usually frowned upon or even feared to open carry a fixed blade (especially in the city) it leaves one in a conundrum of what type of knife to carry. After trying trying countless “premium” brands of pocket knives, the Spyderco paramilitary 2 is only knife that I’ve felt having the greatest combination of everything needed and without having to raise too many eyebrows or even when brandished not scaring much of the general public. I currently have the all black version of the blade and seeing that this knife in itself is hard to find, the adventure continues to finding this version and the all camouflage handle. Just one knife guys opinion/obession.

  29. Please Help me break my benchmade snobbishness. Its a terrible condition…. I think the paramilitary 2 can do it

  30. It’s a beautiful durable blade… Perfect for my work EDC and also great to take outdoors!
    Just perfect…

  31. I would absolutely love a Paramilitary 2 every time I’ve had an opportunity to hold one I’ve wanted it. It is easily one od the best all around folding knives of all time. Plus I’ve been happy with every Spyderco product I’ve ever had.

  32. this is about the size. it medium size acceptable in major hands. and blaade shape show that it made by spyderco

  33. I’ve been wanting a Paramilitary for several years now… just can’t afford one at this moment… been out of work for a while and down with some health issues. I own a Tenacious and absolutely love it… I imagine I’d really love this Paramilitary. Spyderco just seem to be such a well made knife and proudly built in the USA. I’d appreciate an opportunity to win this knife.

  34. I really would like this. It would be my first Spyderco knife & I think that it will be a good EDC for me.

  35. I would like to have that fantastic knife, because it combines years of Spyderco experience in making folding knives, great ergonomic handle with choil and 4 position pocket clip, durable and dependable compression lock, usable blade shape and premium, corrosion-resistant powder steel S30V … It is an EDC perfection 🙂

  36. I’ve been trying to get my hands on one of these for over a year, with no luck due to either funds (broke college student) or unavailability, so it would be really cool to pick one up. It’s a long shot but I’m glad to have the chance! You guys keep up the good work. Thanks.

  37. I could really use a new EDC and I’ve had my eye on spydeco’s products for sometime. They seem high quality and durable.

  38. I think this knife would make a great addition to my edc on and off duty. A good knife is a must, and spyderco makes awesome knives!

  39. I would like the Spyderco Paramilitary 2 because it is the perfect size and dependability for a daily carry knife, and everyone knows to be prepared for anything!

  40. I’d love a Paramilitary 2 because they are THE standard for EDC! The quality of materials and craftsmanship cannot be rivaled for the price Spyderco offers them for, I’ve always wanted to grab one but they always sell out!

  41. I love Spyderco knives and this one is arguable one of their best bringing together so many great design features including the Spyder-hole, a full flat ground leaf blade, a high traction G10 handle, excellent steel and a unique yet functional lock. There is no doubt that I would use this blade heavily as it was intended as it’s getting time to retire my Tenacious. Thanks for the great giveaway BladeHQ!

  42. The Spydie hole is the best for me to open a knife quickly and under control. I would edc this blade nearly everyday.
    Plus spyderco knives were there when I needed them most in Africa. I’m a fan for life.

  43. I would like a Spyderco Paramilitary 2 because, after seeing the BladeHQ field test video, I realize it’s one of the best EDC knives in the world. And they always sell out before I get a chance to buy one!!!

  44. What a beautiful knife … it would make a wonderful addition to my husband’s collection of Spyderco knives!!!

  45. Id love to win a PM2 because I am hard on my blades. They get used everyday and always have a purpose. The PM2 is the perfect size, lightweight, and strong enough to complete almost any task. I love spyderco!

  46. i would like a spyderco PM2 from bladeHQ and knife blog because it is a raved about knife and is cloned often and this way i know its legit cause of how its from and threw as well as free

  47. i love the pm2. It’s the perfect edc knife. My job only allows a 3″ blade making the paramilitary 2 the perfect knife for me

  48. I would like to add this Spyderco to my collection. I really like the Compression lock on these.

  49. Spyderco has always made excellent knives. I have owned many throughout the years, and every one is still functioning as smooth as the day I bought it. The Para 2 is another stunning offering from Spyderco, the build quality is top notch as expected. I really like the compression lock, I am curious how smoothly it functions.

  50. Spyderco’s Paramilitary 2 is the best EDC knife on the market. If I were in a surival situation this would be my go to knife!

  51. I’d like to have a PM2 because I find the compression lock the easiest to use one handed and my Superleaf scares the bejesus out of folks when I whip it out at Applebee’s to cut their rawhide steaks. Something smaller would be nice…but maybe I should pick a better place to get steaks as well. Thanks for the contest.

  52. I would like to win this knive, because my boyfriend collects edc and survival knives. We spend a lot of our free time in the woods. I always have to borrow a knive from him. So it would be very nice to have a Spyderco for myself.
    Next week we will get married and this would be a great wedding present 🙂

  53. I would like a Spyderco Paramilitary 2 because of its perfect blend of tactical and EDC design. I love the aggressive jimping on the back of the blade to prevent my hand from sliding forward in aggressive use. While the belly in the blade makes it a great tool for working against material in everyday cutting situations. I love Spydercos and I love my blue manix 2. I have been lusting after a paramilitary 2 for a while now. However, I am a struggling college student and finding the disposable income for such as nice knife is tough.

  54. Been looking for one of these for my friend who hasn’t had the funds to buy one himself…thanks for the chance!

  55. Interested in starting a collection and this seems to be the most popular Spyderco out there for the quality, ergonomics, and overall function. This would be a great start.

  56. I want a PM2 because it literally gets sold out within an hour by the time I see it back on BladeHQ! hahaha

  57. I want to win one to give as a Christmas present – I have one in S35VN, and I would be ecstatic to gift one this winter!

  58. What’s not to love about the PM2, great blade steel, smooth opening. The one thing I like best is the Compression Lock, a very unique design and would seem to be a bit safer than the standard Liner lock. Thank you for the chance to win such a great knife!

  59. I really miss my Paramilitary 2. Had it stolen along with my other knifes from my house 2 years ago. Money is very tight now and buying one to replace it is out of the question. Not looking for a handout but it would be nice to get this one replaced. It is an awesome edc and camp knife. If I was left in the woods with only one folding knife this is the one i would want. Thanks for the chance to win one. Good luck to everyone else.

  60. My reasons for wanting this Spyderco-paramilitary knife are many, mainly to finally own a Spyderco knife. Which I’ve always wanted, however I was never able to afford, winning this knife would be the best Christmas present ever !!!!!!

  61. This would make up for the time I accidentally ordered a Military on Amazon when I thought I had clicked on a Paramilitary 2.

  62. I’d love the chance to add another Spyderco to my collection. My Dragonfly 2 needs a big brother to play with. Thank you for the great giveaway!

  63. Very cool knife, would love to add one to my collection of not only Spydercos, but Spyderco knives that I use on a frequent basis!

  64. Love Spyderco knives but can’t always afford one. This looks like the perfect EDC for me. Total Knife Porn.
    Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  65. I would love the spyderco paramilitary 2 because it would be an awesome EDC knife. I need a new one and as a student funds can be pretty tight.

  66. The first Spyderco I ever touched was the Paramilitary 2, and it was love at first fondle.

  67. I’d like a Spyderco ParaMilitary 2 because my wife told me I can’t buy anymore knives since I have too many. The only way to get more knives is to either win them, or receive one as a gift. Of course, if I FOUND a knife on the street I could keep it… but when has that ever happened?

  68. I want a spyderco para2 because every time I’ve had the money to spare on one it’s never in stock such a great price for what it is not only is it astheticaly pleasing but it has quality materials I’m a fan of spyderco and have not had the pleasure of owing one yet I’d really like to.

  69. As much as I would like to keep the PM2 for myself, my brother is in the academy and it would be a great gift for his EDC. I had been waiting for this to pop back up being available for me but it would be a better story if I could give it to him. Besides…who doesn’t want to win a knife lottery!

  70. I would love to own a paramilitary 2! This knife looks amazing. I would use this daily for every task under the sun. Being in college, I don’t have the cash to get every knife I’d like, so this is a great opportunity for me! Thanks guys/gals!

  71. I’d like a paramilitary 2 because its a nice, lightweight blade, perfect for everyday carry.

  72. I’d like one, mainly because I broke my Spyderco Delica one frozen winter day making kindling..

  73. I’M LEFT HANDED! Let me repeat that, “I’M LEFT HANDED!”
    1. The Spyderco Paramilitary 2 has a clip that can be mounted on the top or bottom, right-side or LEFT-SIDE. It’s frustrating for left-handers to find a knife that’s actually comfortable in our hand.
    2. The HUGE lanyard hole will come in handy when i’m out mucking & wading through the river and want to hang the blade from a brightly-colored lanyard.
    3. I’ve read that the compression lock is very sturdy. I’ve suffered knife-bites in the past from other locking blades (made by other manufacturers) failing during use.
    4. The thumb rise and choil grooves look like they offer stable grips when needing to bear down on the blade for cutting purposes.
    I think Spyderco has outdone itself by making aesthetic, as well as functional changes to its predecessor blade, the Spyderco Paramilitary 1. By looking at the new, sleek design of the Spyderco Paramilitary 2 I can see that there are no ridges or high bumps that might get caught on the inside cloth of pockets; the Spyderco Paramilitary 2’s sleek design looks like one smooth piece when folded, affording the owner to slide it into or out of a pocket with little to no catching of cloth material.

  74. I want the PM2 cause I’m always looking for something good to carry around my warehouse for all my cutting and slicing needs.

  75. Hi, I would live this knife because mine is getting a little worn after about 7 years! Haha, and it would make a great edc

  76. I need a PM2, because all my Spydie-friends laugh at me when they find out I don’t have one yet 🙁

  77. Looks like a great knife, perfect for all sorts of everyday tasks! My friends have Spyderco knives and they all recommend it to me, so if I win it would be awesome

  78. I’d like this one to compare it to my Benchmade mini barrage, as I simply have never been able to afford more than the Spyderco Native.

  79. I am just in love with spyderco knives. I own a military a tenacious and delaca 4 and would love to add the para 2 to my collection. Thanks and keep em sharp..

  80. I’ve yet to see a Spyderco knife I haven’t liked. They’re the most trustworthy and durable knives I carry. I’d love to win one of these.

  81. I would like the Paramilitary 2 because it looks like a great knife made with great materials in the USA!

  82. Right now… this is the only path to having such a sweet EDC in the near future.
    Blade HQ is the best!!

  83. I’d love to win a PM2, because my son still smarts at the fact that I had one in the past and sold it… I’d give it to him.

  84. Veterans Day is coming up ..I would love to win this on or around Veterans day Would mean so much to me ..And this old Vet Needs a great knife to carry every day ..

  85. forget that first comment. i’d like totally like to have it because i gave my endura IV to a friend so i need a new edc knife

  86. The Paramilitary 2 is one of the Spydercos I have wanted for a long time but do not yet own. Seems when I’m ready to buy, it’s hard to find.

  87. I’d love a Paramilitary 2 because A. It is a Spyderco and that means quality; B. I’ve seen nothing but positive reviews about them everywhere I look. Finally they’re very collectible these days, as soon as a few leave the factory and get to stores they’re gone within minutes.
    Anyone who wins a free one should consider themselves very lucky.

  88. I think Paramilitary 2 it’s best to everything!
    Best materials, best quality, best price, best colours, best ergonomic!!!!
    I love that knife!!!!!!

  89. My Persistence made me a Spyderco convert this summer, and price was the only thing keeping me from getting something better. The Paramilitary 2 would be a fantastic upgrade!

  90. the pm2 is my dream knife. I’ve been trying to save up for it for a while but things keep coming up and i just cant get there, i was going to settle and just get the tenacious but i have always realized that if you settle for something other then what you truly want then you will never be happy with it

  91. I would love to have this to replace the Scorpius that I have been carrying for years and years as a long haul, over the road trucker. I have beat the heck out of that knife and it has never failed me. Now I am retired, and I am teaching trucking at a local community college. I would love to have this so that I can carry it, and let my Scorpius retire like I did. I am always sharing my EDC tools with the students, and showing off a *new* Spyderco would be nice. My poor old Scorpius needs to retire in peace before I ruin it, so you would be granting that old trust friend some rest.
    Thanks for making such great knives,
    David Pearson.

  92. The Spyderco Para2 is one of those knives that knife knuts are supposed to own. I’m a certified knife knut and I still don’t own a Para2! Oh, the shame =(

  93. In for the giveaway. I am a huge fan of Spyderco, have been for years. Also love the multi facet abilities of the PM2.

  94. Spyderco quality, S30V steel, feels great in hand. Everyone loves this knife. Everyone wants this knife, including me!

  95. Probably one of my favorite folders I’ve ever owned. Unfortunately I had to sell mine during a tough time and it was very hard to let go of. This would make my year!

  96. Love my Spydercos and the PM2 would be a great addition to my collection. Nice explanation about the compression lock!

  97. I have been wanting a Paramilitary 2 for a long time and just haven’t been able to come up with the extra cash so ofcourse I would love to win one! It caught my eye on Nutnfancy & Crocket20’s Youtube channels

  98. I don’t deserve a free knife as awesome as the PM2; but if I won it, I would be super greatfull and would love it.

  99. My love for Para 2 came stealthily, two years ago, when I saw it’s perfect shape in the hands of DiALEX, (by the way … I’m from DiALEX’s native country, Romania). Para 2 opened my taste for spiders … unfortunately in our country we get them harder and at a pretty high price due to customs duties. Now, after two years, I have a quite tidy collection (for my country) … Ambitious, Persistance, Tenacious, Resilience, a rare and collectible Lum Chinese C65BLP , Shabaria, P’kal, Manix 2, Sage 3, Junior … Para 2 would be the crown of my little collection!

  100. I think the paramilitary 2 is one of the best spyderco’s ive seen the manix 2 being a close second but thats just my opinion

  101. I’d love to give my dad one of these so he can have something to rely on when in the outdoors. Fantastic knife and quality.

  102. I would love to own this knife because i have other Spyderco Knifes, but hav not been able to afford the Paramilitary and i hear Tell its a beast!!!

  103. The paramilitary 2 is one of the greatest knives I have ever gotten to hold and it has been at the top of my list for a very long time!

  104. Awesome knife with great ergos. Would make for a nice slicer. Hope I win and thanks for the chance.

  105. I’d love a PM2 to grow my Spyderco collection. It’s a wonderful, ergonomic, practical edc knife.

  106. Well of course I want a PM2. I somehow don’t have one yet in my Spydie collection, even though to many it is the quintessential Spyderco. I finally got to handle one at a gun show recently, and I think I finally understand the hype.

  107. Would make a great addition to my collection and give me another blade to choose from for EDC!

  108. I think this knife looks amazing. I have held one before and it is (for me) amazing in hand and the action is simply beautiful. I love the blade to handle ratio and feel anybody would be lucky to EDC this knife.

  109. I would love to have a paramilitary 2. Its flat ground blade with plenty of belly and a precise tip will make an excellent choice for EDC tasks.

  110. I have a Military from one of the first runs and it’s been a favorite knife for years. I’ve always liked the look of it’s little brother the PM2 but never felt the need to get one with the great job the Military does. I’d like one to find out if I have been missing something even better.

  111. I’d like one because I’ve never owned a Spyderco before and would like to see what the legend is all about.

  112. I would like to win one because I need a good carry blade and looks like it will be a nice skinning blade too

  113. I’ve never had a paramilitary 2 before. I would love the opportunity to see what the hype is about!

  114. I have been looking to get a PM2 for awhile now. I have never owned one but now is my chance. They have been all the rage for a long time and for good reason I hear. I would love to make this knife my EDC if I win. Thank you for he chance and good luck to everyone but please pick me.

  115. Paramilitary 2 the solid knife becauseit’s has great quality materials, love the blade shape and is a staple that all knives should follow.

  116. Once I held a Para 2 I knew I had to have one so I saved up & bought one in digi-cam. No knife feels better in hand than this one. I have been using it hard for the last two years and want to send it out to be professionally sharpened but o can’t stand to be without it even for a week or two. If I was lucky enough to win this one my problems would be solved 🙂

  117. I think the Paramilitary 2 would make a great outdoor folder for all my hiking and camping trips.

  118. Hamlet:
    Swear by my Paramilitary2
    Never to speak of this that you have heard.
    [Beneath] Swear by his Paramilitary2
    Well said, old mole, canst work i’ th’ earth so fast?
    A worthy pioner! Once more remove, good friends.
    (Hamlet, act1, Scene 4, 87-91by William Shakespeare)

  119. I would like the Spyderco Paramilitary 2 because I would like it as a Christmas gift. I know someone who is a HUGE fan of Spyderco and is always going on and on about how amazing they are and is always trying to add to his collection. I was planning on buying one but, if I happen to win a free one that would be amazing!!!!

  120. I’m a fresh into college student with a passion for knives. I have been collecting ever since my Dad bought me my first knife in Jackson Hole. Wyoming. It is a Benchmade Rant 1 by Mel Pardue We were going through Yellowstone and I discovered an even greater love for the outdoors. My first nice folder I bought was an Endura 4. After accumulating a large collection of high value, but not all necessarily expensive knives, I was getting bored of the designs. I finally found the Paramilitary 2 and coveted it for so long yet was never able to afford or find it really because it was always out of stock. I love knives, all kinds. The Paramilitary is one of my dream knives and I would love to have a new companion in my pocket. I really hope that I win!

  121. One can never have too many edc knives. Spyderco is one I want to add to my collection, and the PM2 is the perfect one to start with.

  122. I’d love a paramilitary 2 because I have previously owned one and gave it away to a friend that wanted one but old never afford to buy go his own. So nothing would make me happier then to have one in my pocket again .

  123. I would like to own a Spyderco paramilitary 2 because it is one of the most ergonomic,stout,lightweight edc knives available to date. The steel is is top notch and the ccompression lock is one of the safest and strongest. Who wouldn’t want one!

  124. I love spyderco ergonomics and that would be my first s30v steel and I would really like to see whether it stands up to its hype

  125. I’d love to win this Spyderco ParaMilitary 2 because it would be the best EDC anyone could ask for. It’s the kind of blade that turns heads and makes people ask where they can get one. Spyderco’s reputation for blades is outstanding and their quality is amazing.

  126. I have been needing a new Spyder and this Paramilitary 2 looks like just what I need to upgrade my Endura 4.

  127. The Paramilitary 2 feels nice in the hand and will make a great EDC knife. Spyderco always puts out smooth opening knives that are useful. It would be awesome to have a Spider and not just admire them in the store.

  128. love to have this I have several spiderco knives would like to add this one to my collection

  129. I love the style of the blade and would love to add it to my collection. It would also be worth using as protection against my abusive ex who stalks me on a daily basis. (Cops know about it).

  130. Awesome giveaway! I would love to win this knive I think if would make a great edc, thanks for the chance!

  131. This is very nice. I’ve been planning on buying to of these as a replacement/upgrade to my aging and well used spyderco tenacious. I just haven’t had the income to spare. This would be wonderful to win for that reason.

  132. The PM2 would make an awesome EDC. Spyderco makes a great product and one of the nicest folding knives around. I have been looking at one for quite sometime. It would be nice to be able to carry one instead of just admiring it at the store.

  133. I’ve been looking for one of these for a long time now. I cant seem to get my hands on one

  134. Thanks for the chance. It would make a awesome new edc. I currently do not have any expensive knives. Would love to win it.

  135. I’ve seen torture test on this knife. It is rock solid and would never fail you. Been wanting one but no funds to do it. Perfect blade for edc.

  136. I’ve heard only great things about the PM2 and would love to see if it lives up to the hype.

  137. I love Spyderco folders and have had several, but this one has eluded me so far. I’m eager ton see if they are as good as everyone claims.

  138. I’ve owned a Delica in the past. I currently own a Dragonfly and a Manix 2 which I rotate in my EDC. I’d love to add a Paramilitary 2 into my EDC mix!

  139. I’m entering because my husband would love this knife – so hopefully I’ll win one for him!!!

  140. I would really like this knife because I’m a complete nut in knife collecting and I’ve dedicated most of my time to trying to collect 9

  141. As a full-blown knife addict, I feel like my collection is just not any good without a Paramilitary 2 in it, so I’d be awfully stoked to win this puppy!

  142. This would be a excellent edc for my job as a paramedic. Nothing better than a quality pocket knife.

  143. I love the locking mechanism on this knife. I would love to have this knife for EDC because it looks like it is very comfortable in the hand and is a respectable and useful blade.

  144. I want to compare it with the most elegant knife ever designed: my old Spyderco Endura–AUS-8 blade, FRN handle (no liners) and integral pocket clip.The only knife I’ve ever needed…’til now.

  145. I would love to win because I just recently got into knife collecting and I’ve heard how a Spyderco Paramilitary has to be in my collection. Thank you for the chance.

  146. So, id love to win this knife beacuse i’ve heard so much good about it, but at the moment can’t afford to spend the money what it’s worth :/ hope you guys wan’t to make my year and pick me 😀

  147. I grew up not really having much of a Father, My Uncle Al was the man who taught me to set up a camp, start a fire, and to catch game for food. He taught me conservation, how to treat the environment and what fish to keep, and what fish to release. He also taught me how to sharpen a knife, and how to handle one properly.
    My Uncle Al passed away 10 years ago.
    As custom in our family dictates, we were each allowed to go into his old fishing shack and choose something of his too keep for our own. Being the youngest at the time I went last…
    I looked through the old place, searching for something that would bring me closer to him. In the back of a drawer in his old work table, I found a delapidated woolen knife roll.
    The only thing in it was a Spyderco Endura.
    It sung to me, songs of my childhood with this great man… I could smell the campfire and hear his voice telling me how to oil a stone.
    That knife was my every day carry for a long time… and got me through some stuff scrapes and many adventures.
    This recent Christmas I passed it down to my nephew.
    He didn’t have much of a Father… and I had the blessed honor of showing him the things that Uncle Al taught me.
    When I gave it to him and told him the story of my Uncle… we hugged and cried… and He promised that he would be there for his kids when he had them, and that he would pass this blade on to his son or daughter in Uncle Al’s name.
    I miss that Endura… and intend to “replace” it (with a Para)…. I miss my Uncle Al… but I know that his legacy lives on in that perfect knife.

  148. I love Spyderco products, I carry one everyday for work and trust them whole heartily. This is the essential blade for my collection.

  149. First off, thanks for the great giveaway BHQ! what i love about the PM2 is just about everything, ergonomics are great, love the finger choil, the blade shape, compression lock, S30v blade with G10 handles, and best of all, the absolutely amazing value of the knife.

  150. When it comes to knives I am verry picky. I am used to carrying a Cold Steel Recon 1 with the extremly tough tri-ad lock. I have been thinking about buying a Paramilitary 2 for a while but am a little nervous about buying a knife without a tri-ad lock, for durablity reasons, but I would have no problem with a FREE Paramilitary 2! I hope you will find me to be a good person to win this contest. Thank you, BladeHQ, for this opportunity!

  151. I’ve wanted the Paramilitary 2 for a while now. I love Spyderco knives but lack the budget to back up that love. It would be great to get my hands on one of their high end knives.

  152. Excellent locking/folding knife.Like the length of blade,small enough to not worry about carrying a knife with too long of a blade,but long enough to use in any practical manner

  153. I used to buy nothing but Benchmades but Spyderco won me over with their AWESOME knifes, reasonable prices and American made quality. Would love to add this knife to the collection!

  154. I would love a paramilitary 2 because I have loved spyderco knives for a long time and I have loved the paramilitary from the moment my brother (Gideonstactical) got his hands on one years ago.

  155. I been a knive collector since I was 10 years old ,I have every blade out ther except for a spyderco and I’d really live my first to be the paramilitary 2!

  156. i love purchasing from you guys. the ship times and costs are fantastic. i could really use a spyder co. in the collection to start a new branch of the collection tree.

  157. Nothing worse than having to count on a blade you can’t count on. Spydercos have always served me well and never failed. I count on ’em.

  158. I love my Native so much, I immediately bought a new one when my first one was stolen. I typically carry a partially serrated blade, but am always open to new suggestions.

  159. A paramilitary 2 would be a great addition to my collection and would become my primary edc as my current ZT 0561 is a little too large for that.

  160. love it have benchmade sog microtech need a spider co to round out my collection need a difernt blade to carry every day like shoes

  161. How could I NOT want it? It’s made of high quality materials, is very functional for a variety of situations, and it’s downright beautiful!

  162. I love the Pm2. I use it as one of my EDC rotations. The ergonomics are amazing, I love the feel and how easy it is to open. And the one thing that makes it one of my favorites is the thumb jumping on the spydie hole. The aggressiveness of the jimping is amazing. If I did acquire another one I would give it to my older sister for her EDC. It’s not always about yourself, keep your family prepared too.

  163. Well, I just decided earlier this week that the Para-Military 2 is the folder I want, however, that means I have to sell some gear first. Then again there is always the chance I could win this one.

  164. id like to win this knife because ive always wanted to have a good high quality edc knife like this one or a benchmade but i can’t afford them. At least not the kind i would like to have. i have a little spyderco but i got lucky and someone had it and didnt know how expensive they are (which neither did i lol) and i bought it for $2.

  165. i would like to win it because ive never had a spyderco knife before and i always thought these knives looked cool.

  166. id like to win it because its an awesome looking knife and id really love to have one but i couldnt afford it.

  167. id like to have this knife because i need a good edc knife but i dont have to money to spend on this kind of knife.

  168. I was just looking at the PM2 and then I found this. I’m needing a new and slightly larger EDC blade, and the PM2 would be perfect. I’m also starting a new job as an EMT, and I know that this blade would be perfect for that.

  169. I saved up for a long time to finally buy a PM2 and then I lost it (or had it stolen). Fishing, camping, hunting, I also do gear reviews.

  170. This would be a fantastic knife to pass down to my son when he is old enough for a folder of this magnitude. Dad might be able to use it too! The S30V should hold up until he takes over!

  171. Ive been trying to get a pm2 for some time now. Im on a strict college budget so I traded away 2 of my favorite knives to get a pm2, once it arrived I found out it was fake. Now im stuck with a fake pm2 and without 2 of my favorite knives.

  172. Id like…no, make that LOVE to own the Spyderco Paramilitary 2 because its the quintessential EDC knife. Perfectly designed with function and form in mind and looks awesome!

  173. I’ve seen multiple reivews and field tests of the PM2 and it appears to be a tank. I’m a huge Spyderxo fanboy and have wanted one for quite some time. Unfortunately this knife costs just shy of what I make weekly at the moment, and bills /Christmas presents account for what I will be spending for the next couple of months, so buying one anytime soon is not an option. To win this would be a damn nice way to start the holidays. Thanks for the awesome giveaway and a chance to win.

  174. I would Love this knife! Why? Because my 7 year old EDC is getting a little worn, haha. Also, I once held a buddies one and it felt SO good in my hand! 🙂

  175. It’s a great looking and functioning knife. Look great in my Spyderco collection. Honestly, it would be great to finally win a knife. Been trying for years.

  176. 1) Spyderco is an excellent company to purchase a knife from.
    2) Hope to win it, I don’t have many spydercos, the Cat, Chicago (gave it to my girlfriend), ladybug salt, and Manix 2. Don’t think I’ll be able to update my collection anytime soon.

  177. The ergonomics are perfect, it is sharp as hell in more than one way 😉 The compression lock is strong, reliable, and fun to play with. Plus its rare in its own aspect that they are hard to find.

  178. I love Spydercos and want to give this one another chance. Its so popular. I had one loaned to me but I didn’t fall in love with it. I would love it if it was mine though 😀

  179. SPYDERCO knives is one of my EDC tools n used for search n rescue purposes. Would love to win this one for the purpose of helping to save innocent lives. Thank you n GOD BLESS. Rod

  180. I bought one from bladeHQ a while back in digicam scale and black blade. The ergonomic is excellent. It is truly a slicer. I’ve been using it for mostly cardboard cutting. It would be nice to have the plain blade for food rep.

  181. I hope I win because I own a Tenacious and its a great knife, I’d love to own the Paramilitary but it’s out of my price range.

  182. As a River man, I consider a knife to be a life saving device. I currently carry Gerber and have been looking at Buck. I’ve known about Spyderco but it was priced outside my scope. I would consider owning one a proud acquisition and would tell everyone about the knife and how it was obtained.

  183. Never had a knife like this, all that’s available here in our country (Philippines) are either counterfeit or way overpriced so I hope that I could be lucky to win this! 🙂

  184. i would love thee spyderco paramilitary 2 because
    1) i am a sucker for cpm s30v
    2) has an excellent lock with makes it such a dream to open and clothes lets not even talk about how smooth the opening speed is with that pivot bushing
    3) last but not least i would love this knife because i know
    if i win this prize i would use the knife as it should be used i will not make it a safe queen but i will not try to abuse the blade i would treat the blade with the upmost attention and care

  185. Upping my game & needing that upper echelon knife. Tha Spyderco Paramilitary 2 is definitely a quality blade from a top rate company. Sooooo……how about I win?

  186. It is the perfect balance between being practical and elegant, perfect for EDC as well as being a perfect outdoor companion, and be a tool you can pass down to the next generation. Awesome blade!

  187. I would love a PM 2! I’m about to go hunting deer for the first time in my life and not only would it be great to have in the field with me, but I think it would do a great job skinning my first deer! Definitely going to share pictures with this knife on me!

  188. I’d love this paramilitary 2 as my new EDC because kershaw has been fucking me around over some 50 cent parts to fix my vapor (current Edc) and they’re telling me to buy a whole new knife because they don’t have screws for my knife. I’m trying to make the transition over to a new company and would love to try out spyderco!

  189. This knife would be awesome to go backpacking with! It’s light and yet so stout! I like the way Spyderco does their handle scales too, very nice to hold in your hands. Being a college student, I’m in desperate need of a quality knife, and you can’t get much more quality than a ParaMilitary 2 from Spyderco!

  190. I would love a chance because I sold my paramillitary2 along with others to purchase a ring for my amazing girlfriend and I miss it. Its perfect large EDC

  191. I always here the “hype” of the PM2 and the other spyderco knives, but have never owned one, so this would be a great way to experience it.

  192. What an AMAZING prize. The best knives in the world, but I’m a disabled combat veteran and they are, unfortunately, out of my price range. I would LOVE to win this prize and I would carry it with pride.

  193. A Paramilitary 2 would be great for me! Because I love free stuff! And free stuff that is also extremely useful in numerous situations (such as filleting a great white shark, or cutting through the Gordian Knot) and can be used as personal protection (from Carnies, especially) is the best free stuff!! The fact that this knife is so well designed and amazingly crafted is just toppings on the sundae (chopped, diced, and sliced by my new Paramilitary 2 of course)!!!!

  194. Would love to getmy hands on a Spyderco blade. PM2 is a great looking knife. Other Spyderco blades ive handled are amazing.
    Choose me!

  195. I have few Spydercos and mostly are small sized blades. This one, a little too big for my hand, but has excellent build quality so I can’t resist to have one.
    Decent materials for both blade and scale, ergonomic design, good looking as well.

  196. wpuld love to have a knife like this in my small collection. I have recently been reading about every spyderco knife out there and this one along with the Manix 2 XL have caught my eye big time! Love Spyderco and this blog!

  197. I love the paramilitary 2 quite possibly one of the best production folders out there I’d love to get a new one

  198. got one for a good friends years ago, who is a cop.
    It’s a digicam version and became his go to duty knife, but also off duty he never is without it. Takes everything you throw at it.
    One of the all time best EDC bladeshapes!!!
    I am a spyderco friend for years. Never without Endura or UK Pen knife. Never got into the high end models and would love to have one myself!
    Thank you for the chance!
    Cheers max

  199. A friend of mine had a Paramilitary for years and every time we were together I would ask for his knife rather than pulling out my own when I needed it, loved that knife and wished it were mine, now I can have my own, if you’d be so generous..

  200. I’ve always wanted to try out the para 2. Thanks BladeHQ for this awesome opportunity!

  201. I’d love to have this blade bacause my old one break.(it wasn’t spyderco 😉 I’ve been looking for some god knife that woudn’t break. I am nature guide student in finland.

  202. I love knives and the PM2 is one if the best production knives out there and certainly king of the hill for Spyderco. When it comes down to it, the PM2 is just so deliciously, delightfully, devilishly functional! In other words: GIMME.

  203. Man, I’ve been drooling over this knife for years, but nobody sells Spyderco knives here in Brazil… Maybe this will be mine! Thanks!

  204. I think Spydercos are the best balance of cost, performance and quality available. I’d love a PM2 to round out my collection.

  205. I’d like the Paramilitary 2 because it would be a dependable folder for my EDC rather than my multitool. It’s a well-engineered tool.

  206. Spyderco is awesome, I have 2 knifes of them and I love it!!! this knife is beautiful, the size, the steel, the type of blade is perfect for slash and puncture. If i win I use as EDC and when I go to climb in the mountains.

  207. Sharpened a Paramilitary 2 for a friend, so I got to handle it for a day. Blaze took a razor sharp edge pretty easily after being used hard to break down LOTS of cardboard boxes and rubber hoses. Loved the fit and finish. Heft and size of the knife was perfect for my hand (average size hands). The blade also comes to a fine point for exacting work. I am a tailor therefore I use the point to trim threads as well as the blade body to cut cloth
    Love to own one to EDC along with my Tenacious

  208. Thank you for the chance to win its a great knife.bought one from a guy on craigslist ended up being a fake .

  209. I would love to add the para2 to my adventute kit. Here in southern louisiana everything rust, i wonder how s30v would performe down here. I would be very much greatful and the ultimate pocket knife will be put to the ultimate test.

  210. I would love to have a Spyderco PM2 because of its design, its ergonomics, and its high level of quality and craftsmanship.

  211. This is hands down the best knife available for under several hundred dollars. Good size, great steel, razor sharp, and easy one handed opening and closing with that brilliant lock.

  212. My old trusted para 2 is now 3 years old. It has alot or wera on it but i would take a PM2 when i go in the wood, or a general edc when i need a 3.5 blade over any other knife. The PM2 earn my respect, and never failed me.

  213. Hi – I would love to win the para 2 as it is very streamlined and the size would be great for female attire without being too tiny and limiting. I always keep a knife on me but us ladies have to deal with skinny jeans and different challenges than the fellas do!

  214. A Spyderco Delica was my first pocket clip folder. It took some hard use and was retired, but I still have sentimental feelings for it. I’ve since owned a great number of folders but never replaced the Spyderco. Would love to carry one again.

  215. Because I like Spydercos and would like to add a second one to my collection. I’d use it in both EDC and backpacking roles. I’d probably keep it in my Ribz when camping.

  216. Purchased my very first Spyderco a couple months ago. A Tenacious that has served me well and quickly became a favorite. I would love to have a higher end model but unfortunately I have PM2 dreams and a Tenacious budget 🙂

  217. I sold my old para 2 for some needed cash and have been regretting it! Great knife, would love to have another one.

  218. I have wanted a pm2 since i got my first ever knife, and just either couldn’t afford it or find it, i am currently waiting to secure a job in the us air force, and think it would make a great work edc and an even better knife for my future military service, and all the knives ive purchased has been through blade hq so why not?:)

  219. I want…no wait I NEED, the pm2! I had one for the longest time and then some jackass decided they’d steal it! So if I were to win I would be as gitty as a school girl with a brand new knife!!

  220. Could use a new folder for my everyday, have only heard good things about spiderco and am always spreading the word about Bladehq. You guys are great!

  221. The PM2 is a fantastic knife. With its long cutting surface and superior quality it makes it a great knife to carry everyday.

  222. The Para2 is the very reason I got into folding knives. I mean, I’d always used fixed blades, mainly as tools, but this was just something…different. The ergonomics, the styling, the purpose of design. I loved it then and I love it now. A plain-Jane is just what the collection needs, goes well with my black-on-black beater.

  223. I’ve never owned a compression lock knife, and this Spyderco is very highly regarded, it would make a great carry knife. All of my current EDCs are rather cheap, decent knives but budget models because of financial constraints. I would love to try out a nicer model for daily use.

  224. My mother gave me a PM2 for my birthday a couple of years ago, and I just lost it. :'( So I would definitely love winning this as a replacement.

  225. I want this knife because I broke the tip off my old Spyderco trying to jimmy a lock on a door when I was locked out.

  226. You guys do some great things, with all you carry for knives!!! This spyderco would make a GREAT EDC, and be a size I am actually currently in the market for! Plus we all know and love the Spyderco name!!! STOKED!!

  227. I have been looking at the Paramilitary 2 to replace my old HK Monochrome. Winning one would be great!

  228. I love to win this knife, because:
    1.) I am a die-hard Spyderco fan(my EDC is Civilian).
    2.) This new locking mechanism is incredible, and I would love to own a knife that utilizes it.
    3.) Who doesn’t love getting a new knife in the mail?

  229. Being a lefty, liner locks are tough to use. Hopefully this compression lock will be different…

  230. I’d like a Paramilitary 2 because I’ve heard such good things about it that I’d like to see and experience it for myself.

  231. The spyderco paramilitary 2 has been on my to-buy list for a long time but being a college student I can’t justify spending the money. Winning this would be fantastic

  232. I would like to have a Paramilitary 2 just because it’s such a well rounded knife design. Spyderco obviously put a lot of thought into developing this knife and took a lot of what people wanted into consideration when developing it. The end result was total perfection!

  233. I’d LOVE have the Spyderco PM2 because it’s a beautiful knife, built very well, and I would love to give it to my son for his collection! He’s 7 and this would be his first Spyderco! If you guys could meet him, he would blow you away with his love of knives! He knows almost every maker and model and spends hours looking through knife catalogs! His dream is to be a knife maker one day!

  234. As a former vet I have been a user and collector of “practical” edge weapons. I have learned the different uses and applications of the steel used in many styles and types of blades. I came into possession of my first Spyderco a few years ago and have been very impressed with every one I have bought since. Excellent variety of steels used. Outstanding ergonomics. Excellent grip and handle materials. The Para-military 2 is the next one on my list and it would be an honor to be selected to own this blade.

  235. My EDC’s are a Military and a Resilience. Awesome knives and I’ve heard only great things about the PM2 and would love to add it to the rotation. Especially for the light carry, dress up days!

  236. Ive never owned a spyderco knife before id really like to have one they seem to be awesome knives. Im sure that it would be a great addition to my collection of knives.

  237. My friend had this knife and so far I haven’t been able to get the feeling of using this knife from any other knife

  238. this is one of the hardest knives to find and I want one!!! Every time I look for the knife, every website is sold out… I want one

  239. this is one of the hardest knives to find and I want one!!! Every time I look for the knife, every website is sold out… I want one, help me out here

  240. I would love to win a PM2 because my EDC is worn out. The Spyderco is definitely the way to go!

  241. I have never owned a Spyderco before and have always wanted one. The Paramilitary 2 is the one I have been looking at. I love the lock on it and the design is just outstanding. It would be a great addition to my EDC collection.

  242. Spyderco…a company that sets standards, not follows them.
    The PM2 appears to be a crafted tool that can be used by the outdoorsman, day-to-day carry or rescue type personnel.
    A knife that has a streamlined design yet very functional.

  243. I have carried the same Spyderco knife on duty for over 25 years and it has never failed me. I would love to carry the Paramilitary 2 because it looks great and I am very familiar with Spyderco’s high standards and excellent quality.

  244. Thanks for the contest. SPYDERCO’s blades are legendary for their quality. I’d love to own this for an EDC pocket blade.

  245. excellent knife. Great quality. i think it would be the perfect knife to carry with me when I’m on duty with the fire department

  246. Thank for the contest. SPYDERCO’s blades are legendary for their quality and edge. I’d love to win this for use as an EDC pocket knife.

  247. I love the blade design, the compression locking design, and the beauty and also the functionality of Spyderco knives. I would love to own this

  248. I just started getting into knives and am on the prowl for my EDC. The PM2 is on my short list right now. I’ve held my friend’s and it just feels right in your hand. Yes, it’s a big knife, but it doesn’t act like it.

  249. I actually have never owned a Spyderco knife. It would be nice to get a really nice one to see what they are really like.

  250. I love Spyderco. Their designs really push the envelope. I would love to pull this blade out and show people what made in America can look like.

  251. I like to have this knife because I been wanting to get one for the longest while and even if I do not I will get one one day for my collection. Spyderco knives are awesome.

  252. I would like to win this knife because i own a cheaper spiderco and am not completly sold on spiderco and people swear by these knives and im still willing to give them a chance and i think this knife could sway me

  253. I would love to win because my last Spyderco was stolen from my bag at eork, and I can’t afford another at the moment. Plus this one would not leave my side.

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