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LED Lumen Output

So far on the LED Flashlight Blog, we’ve talked about LED flashlights with the greatest beam distance and the longest runtime, so now it’s time to talk about LEDs with the greatest lumen output! Here are the top 5 LED flashlights at Blade HQ that have the greatest LED lumen output.

LED lumen output

FourSevens Maelstrom XM18


Of all the LEDs on the Blade HQ website, this one has the greatest overall lumen output, and it’s probably the most intense LED you’ve ever seen in your life. Its maximum output is 15,000 lumens, which is likely exponentially more than any LED you’ve ever handled. When I first saw this light, I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking at. At first I thought it might be a light you put up in your house, but it turns out it is basically a giant flashlight. It doesn’t have the typical long flashlight handle though; instead, you hold on to the handle grips around the outside of the light. It’s a bit large to carry, but it’s extremely bright and will provide more than enough light for anything you’re doing.

This light is pretty intense. It is 5.78 inches long and has a body diameter of 12 inches. It has its own cooling fan and four different output settings: high (15,000 lumens for 1.33 hours), medium (3,000 lumens for 5 hours), low (600 lumens for 24 hours), and strobe (15,000 lumens for 2.67 hours).

Olight SR96 Intimidator


The Olight has an extremely high lumen output: 4,800 lumens. Of all the standard, hand-held flashlights you can find on Blade HQ, this is the brightest (second overall out of all the LEDs). This flashlight is fairly large; it totals 10.90 inches in length and weighs 42.89 ounces, or a little over two and one-half pounds. It has four output settings: high (4800 lumens for 0.83 hours), medium (1500 lumens for 6 hours), low (450 lumens for 16 hours), and strobe.

Fenix RC40 Extreme Rechargeable LED


This Fenix has a maximum output of 3,500 lumens. It is 11.80 inches long overall and weighs 46.2 ounces (just under 3 pounds). This flashlight is fairly rugged and is a great option to take along on a camping or hiking trip. Again, 3,500 lumens should be more than sufficient for any night hiking you’re doing or any spur-of-the-moment potty breaks in the middle of the night while camping. It also has a whopping six different output modes: turbo (3,500 lumens for 1.5 hours), high (1500 lumens for 5 hours), medium (550 lumens for 15 hours), low (150 lumens for 50 hours), lower (35 lumens for 160 hours), and strobe (3,500 lumens).

NiteCore TM26 Tiny Monster QuadRay


This LED also has a maximum output of 3,500 lumens, and it is the most travel-friendly of all the LEDs in this post. It is just 5.60 inches long and it weighs 15.40 ounces, which is just under one pound. This means that the TM26 is super compact and easy to carry; this light isn’t going to get in your way, and you can stick it in your bag, pocket, car, or wherever so that it’s there when you need it. This is actually considered a pocket searchlight, and it has a beam distance of up to 363 meters. This light has five output settings: turbo (3,500 lumens for 0.75 hours), high (1,700 lumens for 2.5 hours), medium (540 lumens for 8.25 hours), low (95 lumens for 48 hours), and lower (3 lumens for 1,000 hours).

Fenix TK75


Finally, this is the LED with the fifth greatest lumen output at Blade HQ. It has a maximum output of 2,900 lumens, and it can shine up to 690 meters away. The overall length is 7.30 inches and it weighs 18 ounces, which is just over one pound. The TK75 has four output settings: turbo (2,900 lumens for 75 minutes), high (1,200 lumens for 4 hours), medium (450 lumens for 12 hours), and low (25 lumens for 200 hours).

If a high LED lumen output is something that’s important to you in an LED, then these LED flashlights are right up your ally! Though not it’s not necessarily crucial for every flashlight you own to have a high lumen output, it can definitely come in handy in the right situation.

Which of these LEDs would you buy?

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