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SHOT Show 2016: Spyderco

Photo Jan 19, 5 01 55 PM

Here we are folks, the third day of Shot Show 2016, and things are in full swing!   There are so many fantastic booths, knives, and retailers, we can hardly keep up!   But don’t worry, we won’t stop bringing you as much information as we possibly can!   We know you are just as excited as we are!
Photo Jan 19, 5 01 05 PM
Today, we got a chance to stop by Spyderco’s booth and take a closer look at some of the pieces they will be rolling out this year!   One thing is for sure, if you are a fan of the manual, you need to be keeping an eye on Spyderco.  The manual flippers they have in the pipeline look amazing.  From the looks of things, they are going to have a very diverse year, offering several, very different, Spyderco knives.  If you haven’t already fallen in love with Spyderco, this may be the year that you do.  It looks like they will be releasing things ranging from a gentleman’s EDC to some real workhorses.  I could go on and on, but you are here to see them too, so what are you waiting for?  Check out the pictures below!
First off, check out these classy looking pieces.  They seem to have had the gentleman in mind when creating them.  These pieces look like they will fit in perfectly with the rest of the amazing knives offered by Spyderco.
Photo Jan 19, 4 45 13 PM
Photo Jan 19, 4 48 12 PM
Photo Jan 19, 4 48 32 PM
Photo Jan 19, 4 50 35 PM
Photo Jan 19, 4 47 17 PM

Next up we have the knives that look like they are ready to get to work!   I don’t know about all of you, but I am really excited to see these knives in action!   There is just something about a hard working knife that is just so appealing, and Spyderco seems to agree.  Some of these also seem to have a foot in both worlds, and that is just too cool to ignore.  Check them out below.
Photo Jan 19, 4 45 58 PM
Photo Jan 19, 4 46 38 PM
Photo Jan 19, 4 49 00 PM
Photo Jan 19, 4 49 59 PM
Photo Jan 19, 4 51 15 PM

These are just a few of the fantastic pieces Spyderco brought with them to Shot Show!   They have a very interesting line-up planned for the coming months, so make sure to keep an eye out for when these knives will be available.
See anything you like?  We want to hear what you think!  Feel free to discuss in the comments below!

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