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SHOT Show 2016: Boker

All good things must come to an end, and so it goes with Shot Show.  But just because it’s the last day, does not mean we are done bringing you as much coverage as we can.  We are still here and loving every single second of it.
1st: Boker Damascus Oak
2nd:  Boker Merlin
3rd: Boker Damascus African Thuya
Last: Boker Scout AnniversaryPhoto Jan 20, 11 47 27 AM
First thing this morning we got a chance to head over to the Boker booth and check out their awesome display and speak with a  few of the designers.  Boker had so many different, unique, knives on display, we snapped as many pictures as we could.  They seem to have some pretty interesting pieces releasing in the next year.  What do you think?  See anything that has you excited?
Boker Plus USA Blue, and OrangePhoto Jan 20, 11 39 50 AM

First: Boker Plus F3 CF II
Second: Boker Plus F3G-10
Third: Boker Plus F3 CF
Fourth: Boker Plus F3 CF
Fifth: Boker Plus F3 Titan
Photo Jan 20, 11 46 22 AM

First:  Boker Plus M13
Second:  Boker Plus Bushcraft Next Generation
Third: Boker Plus Mako

Photo Jan 20, 11 48 11 AM

From Left To Right
First: Boker Arbolito Buffalo Soul 42 Micarta
Second: Boker Arbolito Buffalo Soul I
Third:  Boker Arbolito Esculata
Fourth: Boker Arbolito El Gigante Micarta 

Photo Jan 20, 11 48 45 AM

Boker Para-1
Boker Para-1

Boker Plus Kwaiken Tactical
Boker plus kwaiken tactical

Boker Urban Trapper
Boker urban trapper

Boker Aurora
Boker Aurora

So what do you think?  Anything catch your eye?   We were pretty mesmerized by those fantastic looking fixed blades.  Boker also had a pretty interesting addition to their booth, Real Steel Knives.   They are a knife brand, made in China, that Boker will be offering this year.  We are always a little hesitant about Chinese made knives, but it seems like that stigma is starting to change.  These look like some quality made knives, and if they are good enough for Boker, they are good enough for us.  We are going to be keeping an eye on these knives, we’re interested to see where they are going.  Check them out below!
Front: Real Steel Observer
Middle: Real Steel Mini 130A
Back: Real Steel Mini 127
Photo Jan 20, 11 46 41 AM

Real Steel Stinger
Photo Jan 20, 11 44 50 AM
So what do you think?  Any chance you may be picking up a Real Steel knife?   They seem to be a better kind of quality than we are used to from China.  So it will be interesting to see how theses knives do.
So what are your opinions on what Boker brought to Shot Show?   Anything you are excited to get your hands on?  They definitely brought some interesting fixed blades, that’s for sure!   Let us know which knife you will be picking up in the comments below!   Don’t forget to check back regularly as we update you live from the last day of Shot Show 2016!