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National Knife Day 2016 | SALE!

national-knife-day-blog-1Over here at Blade HQ we love the holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, they all have that something special to make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. But deep down in our costume wearing, mashed potato filled hearts, we are knife people. We have all gone without lunch for days, just to save up that last little bit of cash for that Benchmade knife we’ve had our eyes on. When our friends ask us if we have something to open a package with, we scoff because, we always have at least one everyday carry knife on us. That’s why to us the pinnacle of all holidays, the be-all end-all of the calendar, is National Knife Day.

Blade HQ limited edition Grid and Carbon Fiber Squids

Wednesday, August 24th, 2016 is National Knife Day, and we’re doing it big. We have an exclusive run of the CRKT/Burnley Grid and Carbon Fiber Squids. The first 300 orders of each knife will receive a BRNLY patch, all black with the Carbon Fiber or color with the Grid.

Five new flavors of Kershaw for National Knife Day.

And let’s not forget about the Kershaws! Three (yes three!) new colors of Launch 4’s, and one new color of both the Launch 5 and Launch 6.  Made in the USA and at a special National Knife Day price, you won’t want to wait on these!

But here’s the kicker, every order on National Knife Day comes with a free shirt! 

So come in, take your shoes off, and get yourself some great new EDC knife options. But while you browse the site, we want to remind you that although today is special, we think that every day should be a knife day. Show us your pics wearing you new shirts or carrying that new blade you picked up, and use that #HaveAKnifeDay hashtag on social media. We love seeing and sharing the awesome content you guys create, and are excited to celebrate with our fellow knife enthusiasts on this glorious day. Happy National Knife Day!

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  1. Happy National Knife Day, just ordered the squid in carbon fiber! Can’t wait to receive this blade. I also am excited about the shirt and burnley patch. Thanks again.

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