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3 Reasons this $200 EDC Comb Is Worth It

If you’re a knife guy, your taste in gadgets and gear likely trends on the more expensive side. A $225 spin top, a $400 watch, a $200 pen. High quality or custom gear gets expensive, fast. But a $200 EDC comb? That seems pretty excessive, right? Well, not necessarily. Here are three reason why the Sabertooth by HEAdesigns isn’t that far-fetched.

1. Quality and Materials

A $200 EDC comb is all in the details. CPM-S35VN combsteel (that’s a thing), aircraft grade 6A14V anodized titanium handles, ceramic ball bearing flipper design. The materials are what you’d expect out of a $500 Chris Reeve Sebenza. The fit and finish are absolutely top notch, and the extended flipper makes deploying the comb a breeze.

2. It’s Fun

If you’ve ever handled a flipper knife, you know that there is this weird satisfaction you get from just opening and closing the dang thing. It’s effortless, precise, and addicting. Well, this is a flipper comb. It gives you that same satisfying feeling, plus it has a nice audible ring when the blade opens. You get all of the “keeping my hands busy” fun of a knife, while eliminating the chance to cut yourself. Throw it in the air, toss it to a friend, let your kids play with it, whatever. You need not worry with this comb.

3. It Keeps You Looking Fresh

For men, looking your best all the time has never been so important. Beard and mustache combs for you keychain have been the norm. Now you have another option. You can clip this sleek comb knife in your back pocket and always have the ability to keep your grooming on point.

You can’t put a price on looking your best all the time.


So, if you are the type of person who can appreciate quality, entertainment, and usefulness all in the same compact and lightweight package, take some time to look at this $200 EDC comb by HEAdesigns, the Sabertooth. After all, you’re the type of guy that dropped $2,500 on that Protech Mastodon Tooth Godson knife last week.

5 thoughts on “3 Reasons this $200 EDC Comb Is Worth It

  1. LOL! Not for me. The sound on flipping it open is hilarious. Haven’t used a brush or comb for anything in more than 20 years! 😉 Good luck!

  2. I can see it now, waking up late for work. Gotta go! Scoop up everything off the table, shove it all into your pockets. Get to work, while rushing through the parking structure you hear a voice behind you, “hey man, give me your wallet!” You spin around, pulling your self defense tool from your pocket. You flip it open, oh lookie, it’s your comb, not your BoKershawzero Slasher defender 3000, which in your rushed haze you left on the table. Fortunately the would be thief dies from an aneurysm while he rolls on the garage floor laughing his ass off.
    That being said it is a very cool design.

  3. I actually love the idea. Having a beard, I would use this over my trusty Kent 81 that’s always lost. The $200 is crazy and just a disposable income brag. I’ll wait for the $50 AUS8 version! Seriously, someone make a cheaper version!

  4. I think it’s awesome very innovative and I bought one.
    I’ve been a knife collector most of my life.
    I love having a knife in my pocket.
    Now I’ll have a comb too.

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