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Knife Addictions: What Knife Turned You Into a Knife Addict?

Knife Addict
Do you often find yourself with patches of hair missing on your arm? Are you the first to respond when a co-worker asks, “Does anyone have a knife?” Are you like a kid on Christmas when you get your next knife in the mail?
You just might be a knife addict.
Chances are, though, that you weren’t always a knife addict. So I want to know, how did it start? What knife really captured your attention and made you gain an appreciation for knives?
Here are some of our stories, but tell us: what knife sparked your knife addiction?

Spyderco Endura
“The Spyderco Endura was the first knife I bought from Blade HQ and I still have it here at my desk. I was just looking for a simple, strong knife, and that one just fit the bill. Since then, I’ve been buying like crazy.”

Microtech Ultratech
OTF knives were kind of a novelty to me, but the quality was fantastic.”

Chris Reeve Sebenza
I hadn’t been working at Blade HQ for very long when I was introduced to the Sebenza, which is basically the epitome of what a knife should be, in my opinion. I had handled knives before, but I was particularly interested in the Sebenza and the attention to ergonomics and functionality in every aspect of the knife. I think the Sebenza really captured my attention and showed me that knives can have great quality and can be (as cheesy as it sounds) a joy to use. I had been using a $5 knife from some hardware store up to that point, and the Sebenza got me interested in finding and buying more.

Kershaw Scallion
“Grandpa gave me a Kershaw Scallion when I was 14. I had never seen a spring assisted knife, and I thought it was the most bada** thing in the world!”

Italian Stilettos
My first knife was a miniature Italian stiletto I picked up at a flea market in Texas. The automatic action was novel for me and it was a fun knife to show friends, and use I used it a lot to open mail.

These are just some of the stories about how some of the employees here at Blade HQ got interested in knives. For many of us, all it took was one sweet blade to capture our interest and turn us into knife addicts.
We want to hear your stories too, though. What knife was it for you that got you interested in knives? Was it a balisong? Swiss Army Knife? Tell us your story!

11 thoughts on “Knife Addictions: What Knife Turned You Into a Knife Addict?

  1. I was working on a film in New Mexico. The prop master had a box of automatic knives to be used by various actors & let me handle a few. When I popped open the Boker I could feel the power vibrate in my hand. I was hooked. He gave me your web site & now I’m about 15 automatic knives in.

  2. This is an easy one. I mean I have always loved knifed but when I found blade hwlla is when I started to get a little carried away. Love you guys and don’t stop doing what you’re doing.

  3. The knife that got me started was the kershaw skyline I found in a discount box at walmart in a clampack shell for 24.99! All I could afford at the time but im glad I went through with it. Sharpest, lightweight, thin, and strongest blade I had ever owned, not to mention the first I’d ever bought myself so pride of ownership was there no doubt. I carried and used the knife for two years and ended up buying a couple damascus ones and limited editions. It started a whole buying frenzzy and I transitioned more into benchmades and spydercos. I ended up selling all my limited edition skylines and sadly lost my first skyline at the beach on lake Michigan. I went to my local shop and handles a skyline again and felt at home! Saw the blade hq exclusive skyline in s30v and think im going to sell my mini grip to help pay for one. Can’t wait to get mine, the skylines withought a doubt my favorite blade!

  4. My first knife was a Swiss Army Knife. I found it on a walk around our lake when I was about 6 years old. About 2-3 years later I got my first Balisong from my grandfather and I liked it so much. I didn’t care about not being allowed to carry that knife and I wasn’t allowed at that time, according to Austrian law because I was too young. But knife laws are pretty great here. If you are 18+ years old you can buy and carry every knife you can think of, there are no restrictions. That’s pretty awesome.

  5. I had always been interested in knives but being given a MTech TacForce Speedster (not the best knife ever, I know) really sparked my interest and got me into collecting.

  6. Kershaw Leek. Needed a new knife for work about 2 years ago and haven’t looked back since. I actually ended up buying 2 more Leeks because they are such a perfect EDC.

  7. Gonna go with my first kabar, bought at a pawn shop in Seattle for $15 which I no longer have… an original kabar

  8. my wife bought me a auto knife went on vacation to nyc while waiting to tour the statue of liberty went through some airport like screen and the security found my auto and gave me a lecture about knifes in nyc especially auto knives my wife got into a argument with security and they said I was lucky that they did not put me in jail so I lost my no name brand auto. so my wife felt bad so when we got back home she said she would buy me what ever knife I wanted no mater the price or knife I ending up buy a sog twich11 knife and from then on I got to town or to the sportsman stores and if I forget my pocket knife
    I buy a new knife

  9. That is a cool knife but the Kershaw Scallion and Spyderco Tenacious is what started it for me

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