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Beginner Butterfly Knife Info

Beginner Butterfly Knife

If you’ve never tried butterfly flipping before, chances are that you have wanted to. After watching a flipping master twirl a balisong around, you really have no choice but to be amazed. While you might be captivated by the art of flipping and want to learn how to flip as well, you might also be intimidated by butterfly knives. They’re definitely not your average knife, and they require different maintenance and handling than your everyday carry does.

But, I’m here to show you that balisongs are fun and really not that intimidating to work with once you dive in.

If you’re just getting started, you’re probably wondering what butterfly knife to buy, what you need to do to care for and maintain it, and how to get started flipping. Here is some info for the beginner butterfly flippers out there.

Beginner Butterfly Knife Suggestions

If you’re the type of person (like myself) who has a tendency to pursue new activities and then abandon them shortly after, then you might want to start out with a budget butterfly knife. It’s always sad when you spent lots of money on something you used only once.

On the other hand, if you know you’re going to stick with flipping once you get started, it’s great to start off with something that is a little more expensive since spending a little more will give you higher quality.

Here are a few budget butterfly knives that are popular at Grindworx:

silver-flick-butterfly-knife-balisong super-knife-twist-ii-black blade-play-jaguar-butterfly-knives-serr-milled-black-serr-holes

And here are a few that are a bit more expensive but still totally worth it:

Bear & Son Butterfly Knives


The Bear and Sons are actually pretty nice for their price point. You can get some really nice ones without breaking the bank, and their warranty isn’t bad either.

Care and Maintenance for your Butterfly Knife

Even though you probably won’t use your butterfly much for cutting, it’s still important to keep your blade clean and dry to prevent rust. Here is a great cleaner we carry at Grindworx:

Benchmade Blue Lube Cleanser Lubricant


You should oil your knife after it’s been cleaned, but you should at least be oiling your butterfly every 2-3 months minimum. Apply just a drop or two to the pivot points and also a thin layer of oil to the blade. This will keep your butterfly flipping smoothly and the blade looking shiny.

If you are buying a budget knife and it has screw construction, be sure to check the knife often to tighten any loose screws. Pin construction is often a better way to go with budget knives, because the pins will be less likely than screws to fall out.

With more expensive butterfly knives, however, screw construction is often considered the better way to go. Screws usually have smoother action, and you can adjust the tightness of screws to your liking, unlike pins, which can’t be adjusted.


Beginner Butterfly Knife Tricks

It can be hard finding tutorials for butterfly knife tricks, but I’ve found a great resource for you for learning all kinds of beginner butterfly knife tricks:


This site has all kinds of useful info about different tricks.

Do you have any questions about butterfly knives? What’s your favorite butterfly knife?

Be sure to get your butterfly knives at Grindworx!