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Knife Accessories: Beads (A.K.A. Instant Knife Customization)

If you’re looking to add some zing to your everyday carry, beads are the perfect way to go.

There is a wide variety of beads made from different materials and different designs. Beads are a really easy way to customize your knife to your liking, but also to make your knife more unique. Typically, beads will be attached to a lanyard at the end of a knife.

Below are some beads, and a picture of a knife that’s been pimped out by a team member.




Here’s a Kalashnikov that was customized (click image to enlarge):

boker-kalashnikov-tanto-skull-blade-backHe added a lanyard with skull beads, but that’s not all; he also acid etched the blade because he’s awesome like that (click image to enlarge):

boker-kalashnikov-tanto-skull-bladeNot everyone is going to be hardcore into knife pimping (acid etching, etc.), but adding a lanyard and bead/s to your knife is something everyone can do. Customizing your knife really makes the knife your own, and it isn’t hard to do. Check out our Knife Accessories section for lanyards, paracord, and beads to increase the awesomeness of your blade.

Do you do anything to customize your knife?

2 thoughts on “Knife Accessories: Beads (A.K.A. Instant Knife Customization)

  1. This is me minus the etching, which I’d like to give a try. They sell the acid at radio shack, and you can get the nail polish at any pharmacy or dollar store.

  2. Marc,
    That’s great! It’s always good to give new things a try. If you decide to try acid etching and have any questions about it, feel free to leave another comment and let us know- some people around here are pretty into that stuff! I do know that the acid is very powerful though, so you’ll want to wear gloves and goggles during the process (which you probably already know). Good luck!

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