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TOPS Longhorn Bowie

We touched on some of the TOPS bowie blades that are out there in an earlier post, but there are still more awesome TOPS knives we haven’t touched on yet. The TOPS Longhorn is one such knife.

TOPS knives are made by people with first-hand knowledge and experiences in military, law enforcement, the outdoors, and martial arts. I have to say though, I’ve been the most impressed with the fixed blades (specifically survival knives) that TOPS has come out with. A lot of thought goes into every aspect of TOPS knives, and they are built to function.

This bowie has a 1095 Carbon blade, so it has great wear resistance, holds an edge well, and it is easy to sharpen. (However, 1095 is also less resistant to corrosion, so be sure to oil the blade regularly). The handle is also very comfortable in hand, thanks to the micarta handle, index groove, guard, and choil. This knife can handle a wide range of tasks, and it comes with a sheath. Go to Blade HQ to find this knife and more TOPS bowies.