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Introducing: Blade HQ Exclusives

We get a fair amount of exclusives in at Blade HQ.  In fact on average, we receive exclusives in our warehouse on a monthly basis. We decided to create a category on the website to put all of these knives in, because unless you are already looking for them, these exclusives can be hard to find in the vast sea of Blade HQ products. If you’ve been on the site in the past few days, you may have seen the category already, but here’s a little intro to it for those of you who haven’t.
The new category is easy to find, but I included a screen shot for navigational purposes in case you need it (sorry, it’s the best I could get).
On a scale of one to ten, how familiar is this screen to you? Very? So-so? When you look at yourself in the mirror, is this what you see?
Anyhow, the new “Blade HQ Exclusives” category is on the left-hand side of our website under the “Browse by Category” section. It is the first blue category that you see. You can also get to this section from the “Exclusives” tab underneath our logo at the top of the page.
Here are some (but not all) of the knives that are in the new “Blade HQ Exclusives” category. Remember: Blade HQ is the only place you can find these knives!
(I know you were wondering if there are any orange exclusives at Blade HQ, so let me put your minds at rest—there are several orange Blade HQ exclusives. Carry on.)

Chris Reeve Sebenza 21 w/ Honduran Rosewood Inlays (Large & Small)

ESEE Izula Fire Ant Redesee-izula-red-new-april2012

Lion Steel SR1-Ti Gray (or Bronzed) Titanium

Boker Kwaiken Burnley Orange G10kwaiken-orange-g10-exclusive

Microtech Tachyon II (also available with different blade options)

TOPS Black Brothers of Bushcraft

Red SOG-TAC (also available with different blade options)sog-rst-04-sogtac-tini-tanto-1_2-serr-red-handle

Microtech Blackout UTX70microtech-blackout-otf-utf

Boker Plus Orange Nanoboker-plus-01bo602-orange-nano

Red DPx HESTdpx-folder-hest-red

Boker Kalashnikov Acid Green w/ Bowie Blade (also in other colors and blade styles)
Orange Boker S2 Sniper Bladeworks

Check this section often to see what new exclusives are in stock!

What is your favorite of the Blade HQ exclusives?

4 thoughts on “Introducing: Blade HQ Exclusives

  1. It is awesome, for sure! I think the “fire ant red” color is especially fitting for the Izula, too, considering it is named after the Bullet Ant in Peru (the ant itself isn’t red, but I think the color captures the toughness and aggressiveness the ant is said to have).

  2. BHQ always has awesome exclusive knives. It’s nice to see a distributor go out of their way to provide their customers with something unique. Sadly it’s caused me to spend way too much money haha…

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