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Olight LED Flashlights

We’ve covered quite a few different LED flashlights already, but there’s one brand we haven’t touched on yet. In fact, I only just found out about this brand—Olight.

Olight LEDs use the latest technology available in the industry and the best materials available. Olight offers products geared toward law enforcement and public safety agencies, and anyone who wants a top-notch LED flashlight for any number of outdoor uses (camping, hiking, hunting, etc.).

Here are a few of Olight’s models:

Olight S10 Baton Flashlight


This Olight LED is extremely compact (1.6 oz., 2.79 inches in length), so really, it’s the perfect size to keep in your car, your pack, your pocket, your kitchen cupboard—you name it, this flashlight can do it. It also has a maximum output of 320 lumens, so it can get very bright, but it also has a moonlight setting that only puts out 0.5 lumens. The base of this Olight is magnetic, too, so you can attach it to any metallic surface.

Olight M3X Triton Cree


This LED is definitely more heavy duty than the S10 pictured above (9 oz., 8.31 inches in length). The M3X Triton has a maximum output of 1,000 lumens and it has a beam distance of 580 meters. Because it has a hard anodized aluminum body, this flashlight can take a fair amount of abuse.

Olight i3 EOS


If you’re looking for a budget LED, or simply for one that takes normal batteries, you should consider the i3 EOS. This LED runs on a single AAA battery and it has three brightness levels. On its maximum output (80 lumens) it can run for 35 minutes, on low (20 lumens) it can run for 8 hours, and on moonlight (0.5 lumens) it can run for 60 hours. The EOS is also the perfect size for everyday carry (2.76 inches in length).

(The i3 EOS is also available in black, red, and blue.)

There are several more models of Olight flashlights. Check them out at Blade HQ!