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Butterfly Knives in the Movies

What weapon other than the butterfly knife can not only threaten, but impress its intended victim? With the flick of the wrist and some skill, the presence of an avid butterfly knife user can raise pangs of fear and even envy.  It isn’t much surprise that Hollywood decided to incorporate this blade’s ferocity and allure into its motion pictures. From bloody action movies to stoner comedies, we can see the butterfly knife and its impressive (sometimes lack of) acrobatics on the big screen.

Imagine yourself as an ex-cop who holds a grudge against a crime boss for framing you as a drug dealer, leading to the suicide of your beloved wife. Your thirst for revenge can only be quenched by the death of this particular man. Instead of dispatching this crime boss yourself, you decide to train your young daughter from infancy in the deadly art of killing people. Your daughter’s birthday is coming up. As an assassin in training, what would she want to make her happy? A cute barbie? A pretty dress? A fluffy and adorable puppy? I think not! Can she decimate potential attackers with a barbie? Can she decapitate an enemy with a dress? A puppy may be trained to be an helpful asset in her killing ways, but that takes too much time. What she needs is a knife. Not any knife, but an efficient knife that will keep a sharp edge and strike fear in the hearts of her enemies. This particular knife should be light enough for a her small size to handle but strong enough to cut a man’s throat. What I recommend is the Benchmade Bali-Song 42. The video below shows a scene in where hit girl receives a birthday present from her dad, which happens to be a Benchmade 42.

Not the most advanced or difficult butterfly tricks, but what can you expect from a 10 year old girl?

While browsing the internet for more butterfly related videos, I stumbled upon a video montage of different scenes that include the use of a butterfly knife. Unfortunately, the video is Italian, but some of the movies titles are also written in English. Some of the movies that appear in the video are Tomb Raider, Lethal Weapon 4, Cheech and Chong: Nice Dreams and many others. Take a look!

By Aaron McCarter

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