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BladeHQ is now a Surefire Authorized Dealer!

We are super excited and we don’t just get excited about anything over here (well, not always).  Surefire sent a rep over to visit us and it looked like it a good fit from the start. We just got word that our dealer application was accepted and our first shipment of Surefire will be inbound any day. That’s right- BladeHQ is now an authorized Surefire retailer. And you know what that means, Surefire flashlights for sale on our website and in our store!

But that’s not all! Many people don’t realize that Surefire offers a ton of products other than flashlights. They make some high end knives. So, you guessed it, Surefire knives for sale on our website and in our store!

Surefire is a company dedicated to quality products and they have a bullet proof reputation. We’re very excited to to get our first order and we look forward to being your Surefire dealer in the near future.

One thought on “BladeHQ is now a Surefire Authorized Dealer!

  1. This is my first LED flashlight. After rendiag many reviews and watching many vids, I decided on the Fenix TK35. The size is perfect and will fit most any hand. The form is awesome. The two switches on the tail just make sense. The main is simply on or off and the smaller button selects modes. Whatever mode (low, med, high or turbo) you turn it off in, is where it is when you turn it back on. The brightness levels make sense too. The medium will suffice a good majority of the time. The high is intense and the turbo mode at 820 whopping lumens will light up any situation. The throw is also incredible. I will be purchasing more Fenix lights as they are extremely well constructed and will not disappoint.

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