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Finding the Best Multi-Tool

best multi-tool
Maybe you want a multi-tool—which is great—but do you know how to select the best multi-tool for you? I for one am not an expert on multi-tools, but I know some people who are. Prepare to be enlightened.

Insights: What to Look for in a Multi-Tool
I asked the Blade HQ product manager what he looks for in a good multi-tool, and here’s what he had to say:
“Pliers are important for me, but make sure they meet at a nice point.  A screw driver and knife are also important. You don’t want a bunch of tools you won’t use, so that should be part of the decision-making process. Everyone should have at least two multi-tools—a key chain-friendly version and a full sized, belt-carry version.”
That’s just one person’s opinion on what’s important in a multi-tool, and you undoubtedly have your own preferences as well. I asked some other Blade HQ employees what they thought the best multi-tool was, and here’s what they had to say. (Yes, I know the list has mostly Leatherman multi-tools. You have to admit, Leatherman does it right!)

 Best Multi-Tools 
Leatherman Squirt
Leatherman Squirt“The Leatherman Squirt  is small, but has the tools I need.  It fits on my keychain, so it’s easy to have on hand at any time.”               – BHQ Customer Service Rep
“Pliers are essential, and the scissors are quite convenient.” -BHQ Marketing Team Member
-420HC Knife                          -Wire Cutters
-Regular Pliers                       -Spring-Action Needlenose Pliers
-Scissors                                 -Medium Screwdriver
-Flat/Phillips Screwdriver    -Wood/Metal File
-Bottle Opener

Leatherman Style CS
Leatherman Style CS
“I’m a big fan of Leatherman multi-tools. I carry their Style CS on my key chain. ” -BHQ Products Team Member
-420HC Knife
-Spring-action scissors
-Nail File
-Flat/Phillips Screwdriver
-Carabiner/Bottle Opener

Leatherman Rebar
Leatherman Rebar “I like the Leatherman Rebar—great price point, and it has full-sized tools without being too bulky.” –BHQ Products Team Member
-Needlenose Pliers                          -Small Screwdriver
-Regular Pliers                                 -Large Screwdriver
-Replaceable Wire Cutters            -Phillips Screwdriver
-Replaceable Hard-wire Cutters  -Awl w/ Thread Loop
-Electrical Crimper                         -Ruler (8 in/20cm)
-420HC Plain &Serrated Knife     -Bottle Opener
-Wood/Metal File                           -Can Opener
-Saw                                                 -Wire Stripper

CRKT Zilla-Tool
CRKT ZillaThe CRKT Zilla is a great option, especially if you’re looking for something a bit less expensive. It’s got lots of great tools, too.
-Spring-Loaded Pliers
-Wire Cutter
-Wire Stripper
-Partially Serrated Blade
-2 Screwdriver Hex Bits

Leatherman Skeletool
Leatherman Skeletool“The Skeletool to me is one of those perfect EDC multi-tools because it’s lightweight and small, but reliable. It has blade pliers and a screw driver bit. Some may say, ‘What about a file? What about a saw? What about . . . ?’ —Yeah, I get it. Honestly I’ve carried the Sidekick for a long time which does include all those tools, and I’ve never had to use them. I’ve used the knife on it, the pliers, the screwdriver, and that’s about it. The Skeletool has all three of those, thus it has become my ideal EDC multi-tool. It’s tough enough and has all the tools you need for everyday carry, but small and light enough to hardly notice you’re carrying it.”
-BHQ Customer Service Rep
I’d just like to point out that this is another great example of why you should buy a multi-tool that includes tools you’ll actually use. If everyone you know raves about the importance of having wire cutters on a multi-tool but you know you’ll never use them, find a multi-tool that’s catered more toward your needs.
-154CM Stainless Steel Knife  -Large Bit Driver
-Needlenose Pliers                   -Bottle Opener
-Regular Pliers                           -Carabiner Clip
-Wire Cutters                             -Bits: Phillips #1, Screwdriver 3/16″ & 1/4″
-Hard-wire Cutters

SOG PowerAssist
SOG PowerAssist
Quite a few people are fans of the SOG PowerAssist. It has spring-loaded pliers and lots of other handy features.
-Straight Edge Blade          -Bolt Grip Channel
-Full Serrated Blade           -Hard Wire Cutter
-Blasting Cap Crimper       -Needle Nose Pliers
-Can Opener                       -Small Flat Screwdriver
-Fuzewell Spike                  -Wire Crimper
-Large Flat Screwdriver    -Ruler
-3-Sided File

Gerber Diesel
Gerber Diesel“The Diesel is pretty good sized. Because of this, it’s fairly rugged and gives you decent-sized tools, which I like.” -BHQ Products Team Member
-Needlenose Pliers                                     -Scissors
-Partially Serrated Blade                           -File
-Saw                                                              -Wire Cutters
-Phillips Screwdriver                                  -Can Opener
-Sm, Med & Large Flat Screwdriver         -Bottle Opener

Leatherman Super Tool
Leatherman Super Tool“I have a few multi-tools, but probably my favorite is the first one I got like 15 years ago—the Super Tool.  I use it all the time at home. I like that when I’m working on different projects I can accomplish most tasks using one tool versus having to find four or five different tools.” -BHQ Products Team Member

-Needlenose Pliers                                       -Saw
-Regular Pliers                                              -Large Screwdriver
-154CM Replaceable Wire Cutters            -Medium Screwdriver
-154CM Replaceable Hard-wire Cutters  -Small Screwdriver
-Stranded-wire Cutters                              -Phillips Screwdriver
-Electrical Crimper                                      -Awl w/ Thread Loop
-420HC Knife (3.2″)                                     -Ruler (9 in/22 cm)
-420HC Serrated Knife (3.2″)                    -Bottle Opener
-Wood/Metal File                                       -Can Opener
-Wire Stripper

So… what do you think the best multi-tool is? If you’re in the market for a new one, head on over to Blade HQ and check them out!

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  1. I think the victorinox Spirit is the best multi-tool ever made. Great tool selection, great ergos, fantastic quality, good looking and compact for the tools offered.

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