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Why LED?

Why LED?  Everyone keeps raving about the new LED this, or LED that.  But why do we care?  What makes an LED different?  What makes it better?  I decided, to make an educated decision, I needed to truly know what makes up an LED and how it works.

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode.  The diode acts as a semiconductor, so when electrons pass through it, it emits a strong light.  It is with this diode that the LED gains a foot up.  When compared to an incandescent or CFL bulb, the LED bulb is far more efficient at turning energy into light.  They radiate less heat, this is why an LED bulb will be cooler to the touch (which makes them safer to use).


Another bonus of using LED lights, is that the diodes can be directed to all shine in on direction.  Giving the user more control over where the light shines, making it ideal for flashlight use.  Where other bulbs shine with omnidirectional light, spraying light all over, and not being able to focus the shine on one area.  However, there are LED bulbs made with the diodes shining in multiple directions, for use in desk lamps and car headlights.


How does an LED light age?  Very well actually.  The LensLight 3X123 Triple-output boasts a lifespan of 100 hours, with a Max output of 850 lumens when powered by 3 CR123 batteries.  Not too shabby!  Many other flashlights boast similar, impressive, stats, including the 5.11 ATAC A2, the Boker Plus FC-3, and the Fenix LD60.  The LED light will outshine all other bulbs, while always remaining at 70% of its original power.

So, with longer light, better output and more reliability, why not go with LED?  It seems like the natural choice.     I hope you are a little bit more informed, and now you know why LED is something to be excited about.  Do you have a favorite LED light?  Why do you prefer LED lights?  Let us know!