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H&K Turmoil

There is just no arguing.  There is something inherently satisfying about clicking an OTF knife open and closed.  It’s this special feeling you just can’t get with any other kind of knife.  Clicking that button, feeling the blade spring forward, you are in complete control.  There are just no words to describe how cool the feeling is.  But there is nothing worse than finding a cool OTF, ordering it, waiting for it to arrive and when it finally does, you rip into the box, only to find that you got some cheap out the front knife that just doesn’t live up to the standards you have set.  You push the thumb slide and you are met with an inferior response.  You have basically been robbed of that awesome feeling I mentioned before.  What should have been an awesome moment, quickly became one of the worst.   Well rest assured, I can absolutely guarantee, you are not going to be disappointed with the H&K Turmoil Out The Front Knife.  This is one slick knife that will surely live up to every expectation you have about out the front knives, and with an affordable price point to boot.

The blade is made with a D2 steel.   D2 steel offers admirable resistance to wear and abrasion, thanks to the large volumes of carbine in the microstructure.  While not qualified as a stainless steel, it is considered a semi-stainless steel.    This type of steel is a fantastic choice for hard use applications.  What this basically boils down to is, this blade is going to be able to handle pretty much anything you can put it through, and still emerge unscathed, making it perfect for tactical use.  The blade itself is a satin finished drop point, with a thickness of .10” and a length of 3.47”.
The handle is a durable aluminum.  Aluminum is great to cut down on cost, while still maintaining strength and control.  Many knife brands use aluminum for their handles for its reliability and durability.  Currently offered in black, we are now taking pre-orders for the tan design as well.  These handles are designed for ambidextrous use, so no matter what hand is your dominant, you can be sure it will be easy and comfortable to extend the blade with the thumb slide.    The thickness is .47” with a length of 4.63”.  Bringing the total length of the knife, with blade extended, to 8.10”.
The H&K Turmoil is Benchmade designed, so you can be positive you are getting an expertly crafted knife from people who know what they are doing.  Made of quality materials, excellent design, and affordable price point, this OTF is guaranteed to live up to all of your OTF expectations.
Already own the Turmoil? Plan on pre-ordering the tan?  What do you like about it?  Let us know in the comments!