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What is the best weight for my butterfly knife?

Like many things in life, there is probably no one right answer for what the best weight for a butterfly knife is.

However, most will agree that if a butterfly is too heavy, it will take too much energy to flip, you won’t want to use it, and you will have spent money just to watch your knife collect dust. It’s probably best that you figure out what weight you prefer before you invest too much money in the vast world of butterfly knives.

The weight that most people tend to look for is around 4 ounces. In the knife world, an ounce can make a huge difference in terms of handling. A 6-oz. knife, for example, is a much heavier butterfly. Again, some prefer knives that are that heavy, but it varies by person.

Some people prefer a heavier knife for beginners. If a knife is heavier, it takes more energy to flip, so the knife will flip slower. This can be beneficial because a slower flip allows you to perfect your flipping techniques, which is especially important while you’re starting out and forming habits.

However, if you can get the butterfly flipping fast enough (which will be harder than on a lighter knife), the handles will have greater momentum and cause the knife to flip faster. One downside of using a heavy knife is that it eats up your knuckles due to the extra effort you have to put in to change direction and speed while flipping. Since your hands can take a beating, some decide to flip heavier knives at slower rates they know their knuckles can handle.

Some flippers prefer a lightweight butterfly because it takes less effort to get it going; you can start out quickly with hardly any resistance at all.

Ultimately, the right weight for you will come down to preference. When you’re looking for your perfect butterfly, keep in mind the pros and cons of heavy and light knives, and try some out if you can before you purchase one.

Below are pictures of some butterflies of various weights.

Microtech Tachyon II Titanium Balisong Butterfly Knife – 4.7 oz.


Spyderco SmallFly Butterfly Knife Balisong Flipper – 3.2 oz.


Benchmade 62 Balisong Knife Stainless Steel Butterfly Knife – 6.39 oz.


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