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Valentine’s Day Giveaway: Spyderco Air!

***Congrats Edgar Quiroz! You Won! Check your email for information regarding your prize!

I know you secretly wanted to get a red teddy bear today, but I have a Spyderco Air to give away instead. Don’t be too disappointed.
In all seriousness though, I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than by giving away a sweet blade. Here’s how you enter to win this Spyderco Air:
1. Like this post.
2. Share this post on Facebook.
3. Leave a comment  at the bottom of this page, not on Facebook, telling us what knife you love the most. (It is Valentine’s Day, after all.) Make sure you leave your comment with an email address that you check regularly.
The giveaway will run through the weekend, and I’ll announce a winner first thing on Monday morning (February 17).
Best of luck and Happy Valentine’s Day from Blade HQ!

382 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Giveaway: Spyderco Air!

  1. I adore my Spyderco Endura 4 for all the abuse and punishment I give it it gives me a fine edge and quick re-sharpen.

  2. I’ve gotta say it’s a close call. I love my Kershaw Junkyard Dog II, but I finally picked up a Spyderco Paramilitary 2 recently and I’ve been carrying it for 2 weeks straight. Probably the PM2

  3. I LOVE my PM2. Been my favorite knife for a while. My favorite newcomer is my 0801, might actually displace my PM2.

  4. Picking a favorite is almost impossible! I do love my Nocturnal Knives ENC though… Among others! ZT560 is one of my go to’s Edc. Same with Spyderco Para and Military! Too many great blades out there!

  5. It’s difficult to pick one, but I’ll try. What I love about the Air the most is the handle material. Titanium and carbon fiber look really great together.

  6. I love my ckrt firspark for Edc! Got it a couple years ago from you. Just got the moxie in the mail! I love ckrt!

  7. I have several Buck and Schrade knives that I own and love, but I have really been looking into custom made blades lately. I like Artificum Solis blades although they’re quite pricey. Have never owned a Spyderco.

  8. I love my old-school waveless Emerson 8, its workhorse that is big enough to do the job and yet small enough to live in my pocket.

  9. I love all my knives equally, but my most well-loved (read:used) is probably my Spyderco Caly 3 in ZDP-189.

  10. I carry my Spyderco paramilitary 2 the most. I love the ffg blade and the thumbhole for fast opening.

  11. I got to say my M390 PM2 with black g10 scales. One of a kind and is remarkably amazing in every feature. I like by the Salt water and that doesnt even affect the always sharp and strong steel. Thanks for the chance to win a Gayle Bradley Air with M4 tool steel.

  12. I love just about any of the Kershaws or Spydercos, but my current favorite is my Kershaw Knockout.

  13. My favorite knife presently is the Spyderco Southard. I’ve had it with me every day since I got it a few months back. One of the best investments I’ve ever made.

  14. I would love to have the paramilitary two in green camouflage and old in edge satin yup my valentines

  15. It’s a tough decision, but I am going to have to say my Spyderco Paramilitary 2. I can’t think of any downside to this knife. Everything about it just seems perfect.

  16. Spyderco manix 2 translucent blue! Its light, it doesnt rip up my pants, and it locks up like a vault. Go Spyderco! Best knives for the price.

  17. I love my emerson commander its just a powerhouse. Since I got it not a day goes by that I don’t carry it. I feel lost without it.

  18. I love all knives. And different situations require my love to be partial to one over anoter one day and different the next. Today, my EDC is my Spyderco Tenacious, Buck 110 and TRIO, My BHK Batwing pro and my Schrade SCHOTF7.

  19. I own lots of spydercos but my favorite is in my pajama pocket right now.
    Spyderco DragonFly2 Salt HE.
    Best edge ever, cuts through anything, ideal size, weight and I even used it to make a Valentines Day card for the wife. OH also, its totally rust and stain proof.

  20. Just ordered a Paramilitary 2 yesterday which may very well end up becoming my favorite but for now it’s a Benchmade Griptilian.

  21. I do not yet own a Spyderco knife. Hopefully I can begin to love this knife soon…
    But, I do have a Buck 110 that is a trooper. And a Kershaw Blur.

  22. My great uncle gave my Grandpa a little fixed blade boot knife when he was leaving for WWII. It sits in my safe now, never gets used. But every time I get it out I remember him and the sacrifices he made to serve our country. That is my favorite knife. A close second is my blue, leaf blade, plain edge UKPK. It is an awesome knife and never leaves my side.

  23. Hmmmm well as a knife addict, my favorite knife will always be my newest one! Currently it’s my benchmade sequel but I’d love for my new fav to be the Air! Happy V-Day, BladeHQ!!
    Your faithful customer,

  24. right now i’m rockin’ my kershaw freefall and my strider sng…. favorite knife!? i love em’ all!! depends how i’m feeling that day. big microtech fan.

  25. I love my Kershaw pocket knife have had 2 years and have used it for everything from cutting plactic straps at work to cutting my steak while camping!!!!

  26. I really love my Spyderco Stretch Blue Nishijin Glass Fiber Knife. That is one beautiful knife. Although, I just ordered a Kershaw Skyline Damascus from Blade HQ so that may change soon.

  27. I love my Spyderco Military more than any other knife. I just bought a new tenacious from you guys this morning!
    Happy Valentines BladeHQ!!!

  28. My Kershaw Leek Is my favorite EDC Pocket knife at the moment. This Spyderco Air would be a great new EDC to try out.

  29. Knife I love the most currently is the forum native 5 in s110v, however I am eagerly awaiting the CF version!!

  30. I love the Spyderco Endura Bayoushooter knife. Although Spyderco discontinued this knife, it runs like a champ, and looks intimidating like a Pit Viper.

  31. I never owened a spyderco so the knife I love has to be one I own and that’s my ka-bar mule

  32. I really like the look and feel of the Benchmade Bedlam. That is one mean looking piece of steel.

  33. I *love* my Spyderco Delica4 (plain edge). I’ve EDC carried a Delica model for the past 18 years and they have never failed me. I have my original Delica Clip-it and it’s still wicked sharp and perfectly usable.

  34. Of all my knives that I have I think my original Benchmade Mini Griptilian is still one of my favorites. Always holds a good edge and can take on everything I throw at it.

  35. My all around favorite, Go To War knife is the Spyderco Military. I wish they would update it ala Para 2 but otherwise it’s just about right.

  36. The knife I love and cherish the most? That’s a hard one. But if I had to pick one it would be my Spyderco tenacious or my paramilitary 2. I can’t pick I love them all.

  37. My favorite knife if my Paramilitary 2. It has lived in my back pocket for three years now. It has killed thousands of cardboard boxes and the g10 is looking pretty worn. I touch the g10 up with a little sandpaper now and then. The s30v holds a great edge and I find it easy to keep touched up on the sharpmaker. It also served me well for a week in the wilderness of Manitoba Canada. Making short work of walleye and feather sticks for the fires. Whenever friends show me their knives I pull out old trusty and the crocodile Dundee line “that’s not a knife” gets thrown out. I trust it so much that when two of my college buddies joined the army I knew the perfect gift to give them. After a total of six combined tours in Afghanistan both the knives and my friends came home safe minus one broken tip. I was told by both of them how it was an indispensable tool.

  38. fav knife is my only knife currently. it has to be my CRKT foresight by Ken Onion. but I have been interested in spyderco since I found out Denzel used a spyderco police in Training Day.

  39. I love my Emerson mini commander. Ive been meaning to pick up a spiderco but have yet to get around to it as i always come back to my emerson, would love to switch it up!

  40. I have a 4″ serrated spyderco that my dad gave me 15 years ago. Perfect for rescue cuts so it stays in my first aid kit.

  41. Ohh… tough choice. I think I’ll settle for the Spyderco Stretch in ZDP-189 for now, however I’ve got a special lil’ sumthin’ sumthin’ coming which may change my knife collecting…

  42. I love my Spyderco Tenacious! Amazing value and they can take a beating. I love the grind on the blade and the ergonomics of the knife. Awesome!

  43. Stephanie gets this one if I win. she loves my Endura and paramilitary 2. Happy Valentine’s Day dear

  44. I have alway’s been partial to Microtech. Fist time I ever saw one was when Jack Bower opened his Halo on the show “24” and I was hooked. Right now though, I am realy enjoying my Skyline for EDC.

  45. I love my benchmade mini-griptillian it has never let me down… that knife takes a lickin’ and keeps on kickin’

  46. My all time favorite is my microtech tachyon two its such a great balisong and a perfect edc

  47. Probably going to have to go with the ZT 0801 at the moment, but that is always subject to change!

  48. That’s almost impossible to answer, but if I’ve got to pick one, I’ll go with my Spyderco Bushcraft.

  49. I’d have to say my mini-grip with the blaze orange scales or I’ve really been liking my crkt minimalist these days

  50. My old benchmade AFK saw me through two deployments without once having to be resharpened. Only reason I still don’t carry it is cause the pocket clip broke.

  51. My favorite knife (that I own) is a Blue Spyderco Military s90v. My favorite knife (that I don’t own) that I’ve had my eye on for many months is a Red Loinsteel SR-1A. Thanks for the chance at a giveaway!

  52. It’s my Birthday . I have carried the same knife since 1994,old school Spyderco Civilian Tuffran. Always in my pocket !

  53. I love my Spyderco Endura 4. It the knife that started it all for me and now I can’t stop.

  54. My favorite knife is my Spyderco Tenacious! It has been rock solid over the years, and it still takes a razor edge. Plus, you can’t beat the price point!

  55. I love my Spyderco Tenacious, it is a great edc and is my best cutter. I use it in the kitchen.

  56. My Spyderco Tenacious because it is easy to sharpen and sees a lot of EDC use. Great value in this knife

  57. I love all my knives, but i have 3 favourites. My spyderco endura 4 in grey frn scales, my spyderco persistance with the sprint run blue g10 scales and my s&w search and rescue tanto fixed blade.

  58. I really like the handle. Plus I don’t own a Spyderco knife and would love to start a collection!

  59. We’d known each other for a while, and she recently began flirting with me. I, of course, flirted right back. It’d been an exciting couple of days before I decided to act on my instincts and asked her out to lunch that morning. She agreed to meet me at a locally owned café where we could sit, talk, and enjoy some pleasant food.
    I was already seated when she came up to the booth, and as she glanced down, she smirked. “Is that a roll of quarters in your pocket, or are you just that excited to see me?”
    She raised one eyebrow, pointed with her eyes towards my waist, and gave a little smirk.”
    Ah. She saw the outline of my knife in my pocket. “Well, I don’t usually pull this out in public,” I began with a wry smile, “But if you insist.”
    “Oh! Is that a Benchmade?” She asked. “It looks like a bigger version of mine.” She reached into her purse and pulled out a pink Mini Griptilian.
    We’ve been together since.

  60. I love my Chris Reeve Large 21 Sebenza with micarta inlays. She’ll always be my go to, but lately I’ve been having an affair with the Boker Burnley Kwaiken flipper. I sometimes also get the occasional visit from my Russian mistress, Shirogorov mod 95… 😛

  61. this one:
    I grew up not really having much of a Father, My Uncle Al was the man who taught me to set up a camp, start a fire, and to catch game for food. He taught me conservation, how to treat the environment and what fish to keep, and what fish to release. He also taught me how to sharpen a knife, and how to handle one properly.
    My Uncle Al passed away 10 years ago.
    As custom in our family dictates, we were each allowed to go into his old fishing shack and choose something of his too keep for our own. Being the youngest at the time I went last…
    I looked through the old place, searching for something that would bring me closer to him. In the back of a drawer in his old work table, I found a delapidated woolen knife roll.
    The only thing in it was a Spyderco Endura.
    It sung to me, songs of my childhood with this great man… I could smell the campfire and hear his voice telling me how to oil a stone.
    That knife was my every day carry for a long time… and got me through some stuff scrapes and many adventures.
    This recent Christmas I passed it down to my nephew.
    He didn’t have much of a Father… and I had the blessed honor of showing him the things that Uncle Al taught me.
    When I gave it to him and told him the story of my Uncle… we hugged and cried… and He promised that he would be there for his kids when he had them, and that he would pass this blade on to his son or daughter in Uncle Al’s name.
    I miss that Endura… and intend to “replace” it…. I miss my Uncle Al… but I know that his legacy lives on in that perfect knife.

  62. The knife i love best is my ershaw RJ1. Shes been through everything with me, and helped me through all my ranchwork and made all of my hockey card pack openings go smoothly. And i dont think moving would ever get done without her. One time her torsion bar broke, and i was sad for a few weeks, but now shes back and better than ever. We truly have a great bond.
    I love her

  63. I love the Spyderco Chaparral3 Stepped Titanium Folding Knife w/ CTS-XHP Plain Edge Blade the most!!! Please and thank you.

  64. Oh man, my favorite knife? Izula. All other arguments are now irrelevant. My wife’s favorite color is Red and since you guys got the red ones in stock, I got her one for her birthday (I give knives as presents) and she loves it. After Izula, Para-2 then the list goes on for miles and miles…
    Lightning OTF is pretty slick too. Oh yeah, I went there..

  65. My newest one that my wonderful wife bought me for Valentines day that I have wanted for a while. Manix 2 XL black

  66. I never get nuttin from my children for Valuntines day 🙁 even though I gave birth to-um. I bet when I kick the bucket they will love this SpyderCo Air. Those little BRATS!!!! LOL

  67. Great give away. Thanks.
    Right now my favorite knife is my CRKT Mini My Tighe. But I am always on the lookout for a new fav. 🙂

  68. I love my spyderco tenacious and persistence . Such a grate blade , love the feel and sturdiness . Even better ,love how they mill out parts inside to make it weigh less .

  69. I’d love to win this knife! I need a second good knife… well, this would turn into my #1… so my current #1 would be my backup!

  70. I love my Microtech Tachyon II, though it’s not an EDC.
    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity =]

  71. My favorite knife is my Kershaw Blur. Ken Onion designs knives that I have carried for 5 years. Love the sleekness and the utility of the knife. The Blur is the largest of his knives that I have owned, and so far, my favorite.

  72. I like knives. If its something that has a blade and a practical use I’m into it. I have been using the Boker Vox lately because I’ve been eating a lot of steak and it cuts through it like butter. Thanks for the opportunity.

  73. I love my Spyderco Manix 2. Great all around light weight knife for its size and easy to deploy even when wearing lightweight gloves.

  74. I love Spyderco knife co. What a great idea to do a knife giveaway on Valentine’s Day it breaks up all the mushy flowers and candy stuff. thank you for letting me be a part of this give away, fingers crossed,maybe I can get lucky.
    Happy Valentines day!!

  75. The knife I love the most is my CRKT NIRK Tighe 2 because my wife bought it for me to celebrate the birth of our daughter. My favorite edc is my Spyderco ParaMilitary 2 because it’s one if the best edc knives ever made!

  76. I own and EDC many knives but the one I carry and use most often is the RAT-1. Great edge, strong blade and a great work horse. It gets abused but always comes back strong. If it should ever fail or break, it cheap enough to be replaced by another. Of course, it size can make some nervous and make it overkill for small jobs… That’s way, right beside the RAT-1, I carry a Spydero Bug knife.

  77. I don’t always like spyderco’s designs, but the blades a great and this one looks sweet.

  78. Right now my favorite knife is my Strider SnG PD1 BO tanto. This knife is a tank! And I can get a wicked nice mirror polish on that edge, too!

  79. I like all knives but only have a couple of benchmades but would love to have and learn about new ones. Thanks

  80. I probably love the Southard the most. It has such organic lines, especially that circular look to the edge. However, I’ll take a free Air any day of the week 😉

  81. I absolutely love my Benchmade Osborne Rift that I got from BladeHQ. That knife has been through a lot with me. I’ve had it for over a year and it’s still going strong. The half serrated edge gives me all the power I need to cut through anything. It’s an awesome knife.
    And not to mention I love YOU! BladeHQ, will you be my Vallentine? You guys have been there for me 24/7! Wether I’m happy, sad, lonely, or just board. I can find joy in browsing your site. Whenever I order something from you guys, it’s like Christmas! The other guys in my shop say I have the biggest smile when I see a package sitting on the desk. And not to mention when there is an AMAZING picture drawn on it! Especially Abraham Lincon riding a T-Rex shooting zombies- best one yet!
    So Happy Vallentines day BladeHQ! I love you all!

  82. I am loving my PM2 at the moment… but after seeing this, for some reason, I am thinking about grabbing my Sage 1 outta the safe… 🙂

  83. I love my Spyderco SS Native. I got that knife about 15 years ago, and it’s never left my side. I have tons of other knives but they can’t compare to the memories I have with my native. That knife has seen new life brought into this world and older-life extinguished from it. It’s traveled the country, and has been used every way a knife can be used. I wouldn’t let go of that knife for the most expensive custom made knife in the world. No knife will ever be able to replace my Native. That knife will be the heirloom I hand down to my kids… after I physically can’t use a knife anymore.

  84. My husband loves your knives and I’d love to win this for him! He’s been eye balking the Endura and the Valentino for a while!

  85. What I love most about Spyderco cutlery is the variety they offer coupled with great craftsmanship. It is difficult to select a favorite out of the 8 spyderco’s I own, since they all serve different needs. I will say the most utilitarian is the Endura combo edge. Friends and family really like the Yojimbo and Manix 2 both w/g-10 scales the most but I dig them all. If that Air is added to my collection… that may change the equation.

  86. i love all knives the same. but i really like the look of anything engraved, or made with damascus.

  87. “That’s not a knife,
    This is a knife!”
    Crocodile Dundee, speaking about a Spyderco Schempp Rock, FB20FBK. Yeah baby, that’s a knife!

  88. Favorite knife?! That’s a tough question… It’s between my Boker Kalashnikov in acid green and my Ontario Rat 2. But there’s so many to love, I tell them my heart is big enough to love each one equally! My boker is just too cool and my Rat is a great EDC that won’t freak people out. Happy V-Day!

  89. I thouht I posted earlier but I don’t see it, I wanted to double check and make sure I entered. My favorite knives my delica 4 in blue frn, standard para 2, and my bk2. It’s very hard to just pick one.

  90. I have the pink native C41PPN. I love the color, size, and the blade is sturdy and sweet. It’s easy to operate.

  91. Right now I’m in love with my ZT0600. It’s the nicest knife I’ve handled on a production level and it raises my libido without a prescription. Nuff said.

  92. My All time Favorite Knife is my Original Spyderco C01 Worker, Which is a Gin-1 blade and 2 screw model. To make a long story short, My father was physically abusive to my mother left him while I was young, so My Grandfather filled in over the years when he could. Threw out the years of us hunting, fishing, camping together he always had his Spyderco C01. I cant put a number how many times I asked him if I could have it and he would always say the same thing when the time is right. Well Needless to say about five years ago he took me on a hunting trip and I thought it was just going to be just like any other. Except on the last day of the trip he gave me his Spyderco. The reason this was not like any other is because he passed away a week later and I knew at that moment that the time was right. I will never sell this knife and it will be passed on to my son one day to keep the tradition alive. Thank you for the opportunity to give this knife nut a chance at this fine Knife. Right now times are really hard and this would totally make my Valentines day.

  93. I love my Rat model 2. I love the size for edc and for a budget blade you absolutely can’t beat it for strength and function.

  94. I LOVE my Benchmade 710. It’s slim enough to be a comfortable EDC but beefy enough to still be a workhorse. The D2 blade has stayed razor sharp after a lot of use. It was the first Benchmade I ever bought and it changed the way I look at more “expensive knives.”

  95. My ALL Time Favorite Knife Has to be My Zero Tolerance Hinderer 0566. Very Sexy Stonewashed Elmax Steel Blade, Solid Lockup,& Just Love the way it feels in my Hand.

  96. The knife I love the best is my Benchmade 551 Griptilian with the wilkins grips on it. Awesome, trustworthy knife.

  97. Right now it’s a toss up between my Spyderco Paramilitary2, Benchmade Griptilian, or Benchmade Mini Pocket Rocket.

  98. Of all the knives I own my favorite by far is the mcusta katana due to the perfect combination of toughness, keenness, and artistic flair. The viper keeper and crkt otanashi noh ken are both close seconds.

  99. I love my microfiche halo v and zombietech. But a spyderco would complete my collection. (Minus a Jay Fisher knife)

  100. The para 2 cf or tilt. For all the knives I play with and use, i seem to always go back to those two.

  101. My favorite knife of all time is the MercWorx Sniper Standard. Easily one of the most beautiful knives I have ever laid eyes on.

  102. The knife I love the most is my zt 560bw but a close 2nd and 3rd would be my all black para 2 and my dpx heat

  103. I love my spyderco Manix 2 Lightweight its the perfect size great steel decent price made in the USA and best of all its blue.

  104. It’s really hard to choose just 1 knife in my collection, since I love them all, but my most loved would be my Brous Blades T4.

  105. I don’t currently have a Spyderco knife, but I have a ladybug3 on my wishlist for an EDC.

  106. My EDC knife is a Buck Vantage pro force. Love it, but only because my old Spyderco Delica broke. I need this!

  107. Love my Spydies, but as of late my Benchmades have been getting the most pocket time. The Axis lock on my Griptilian and Rift are crazy smooth and solid…

  108. My favorite knife right now is the Benchmade 940. It is just perfection. Hope i win! I would love a Spyderco Air!

  109. I think the Spyderco Endura 4 Wave Gray, perfect for every day carry and use with a great price.

  110. My favorite Spyderco is the R series…elegant, rugged and practical all rolled into one. Spyderco is in the top 5 list of knives that i wont hesitate to buy!

  111. ~My favorite knife is the one in the picture!! It would be awesome to have one of my own and not my hubby’s hand-me-down!! The last one he gave me had a broken tip!! Still works though, I still appreciate it!!

  112. My favorite is an engraved stainless steel Police model with serrated blade. I’ve got about 25 different Spyderco knives that I’ve gotten over the years

  113. definetly my brous reloader, puts up with anything i ask it to do, and ,looks damn sexy doin it

  114. A knife doesn’t have to be super expensive to be awesome. It just has to be the one that accompanies you wherever you go and tackles any job you give it, keeps it’s edge and asks for more. My $25 Byrd Meadowlark is my EDC. I haven’t gone a day since buying it that I haven’t used it.

  115. Well I have yet to own one, but heard nothing but good about the Spyderco brand and the Benchmade. I’d love to win this impressive knife.

  116. My favorite os my last present: a spyderco kiwi3 ! But un France we have a good designer for spyderco, his name “bastinelli création”, show the website… Thank’s Blade HQ !

  117. My favorite knife is the one my 5 year old son picked out for me for Christmas, its a Boker Automat Kalashnikov 74, my first automatic knife and I LOVE IT!!

  118. Out of knives I own, my Spyderco Delica. Just a great partner to have with you always…

  119. Favorite all-time: Steve Karroll EDMW custom – but I’ve really been diggin’ the flipper on the Hinderer XM-18 lately

  120. Have to give it so my Dragonfly 2 in H1. Not only was it the first knife I ever bought on my own (having saved up for it), but the yellow handles and the way they show dirt and grime to remind me of where I’ve been, what I’ve been doing, makes it extra special. Give it a good rinse down and start building again.

  121. I Love my Benchmade Emissary 470!
    Needing a new EDC for 2012 I got on BladeHQ and saw the Benchmade Emissary 470 (Satin). I purchased one for my right-handed self and loved it so much that the following week I bought one for my left-Handed Father.
    As a matter of fact, I Love it so much that even two years later that Benchmade Emissary 470 continues to be my primary EDC.

  122. the UKPK or my Case 2-bladed knife
    But I have to say I really want the ClipIt with the mini screwdriver

  123. Know nothing about knives (shameful), but the Lightning D/A otf black automatic looks amazing…

  124. I forget the model (it’s 15+ yrs old) but I’ve got two SpyderCo knives, same model, back to back years, that my Dad left me. Basic 3″ folders that just flat get it done.

  125. i’ve posted before but didn’t see my post. anyways, my favorite folder right now is the ONTARIO UTILITAC 2.

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