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To EDC or not to EDC

Hello. My name is Aimee. And I am a knife-virgin. A little background: I am a wife and mother. I enjoy sports (from football to fishing), camping/outdoors, reading, cooking, mathematics and artistic ventures. I am a computer gamer (you can thank my hubby for that little attribute). Kitchen gadgets and books easily distract me from productivity.  I am PC user with an iPhone. And my favorite food is gyoza. I am a fairly new member of the BladeHQ family. I didn’t know very much about knives before working here. I still don’t know enough. However over the past several months I have come to respect and love the intricacies of the knife world.
Now that you know me somewhat better, I need your help/advice/input. Everyone here at BladeHQ carries a knife or two. I think it is about time for me to join the ranks of EDC’ers.  I need an EDC that is secure and safe (remember I have four bright and inquisitive children), holds its edge, a strong clip and has some personality (I can be quite ‘girly’ at times and accessorizing is a must).
This is where you come in: What EDC do you recommend?

15 thoughts on “To EDC or not to EDC

  1. A Pink Benchmade Griptillian….good color for most women, blade has good steel and it’s SOLID, PLUS it’s reasonabaly priced as well. GOOD LUCK!

  2. Hi Aimee,
    Welcome to our beloved knife community, where some of us spend 30% of our paychecks on knives, guns, gear, and of course flashlights. As a fellow female I understand the issues with carrying a big knife around. Especially when I’m wearing a skirt or “way too tight” pants. I love neck knives! Generally neck knives are fixed blades which might be good for kids, they can usually put things back where they came from, namely the blade back into the sheath. There would also be less of a chance for them to close the knife on their fingers since it’s also a child’s instinct to open and close things. If the neck knife (I have a venom green izula courtesy by way of your company) isn’t your bag, check out the little spyderco ambitious or the native. Mini griptilians come in all sorts of pretty colors, although considering children that might not be good. You could always go with a SAK Cadet, those are great! Good luck to you Aimee and you work for a great company, all the guys seem pretty cool.

  3. As this is your first knife , i will recommend what my wife started with as a first edc….a Kershaw Chill…small and light weight…Decent steel and holds an edge…if you want soemthing pink, i would say a pink Kershaw leek…

  4. If you want sharp good looking blades with a strong clip, I recommend Cold Steel Knives, something small? Maybe a Tuff Lite, depending on your state laws on blade length, if that doesn’t matter, then any cold steel would be great for you if you like strong clips. If you’re going for the fashion girly type, a Buck knife is great, they are made in the USA and more fashionable, Buck Bantam BLW Knife Pink Mossy Oak Camo, check that out on BladeHq.com. Also, if you want to accessorize more, get knives with lanyard holes to get your lanyard on it. Sure, it’s mean for extra grip, but it could be used for a personal touch. Many ways to knot for a lanyard. Hope this helps someone. Oh! Check out the Spyderco knives, they’re great.

  5. I agree with Mark. Benchmade recently (as in yesterday) made hot pink one of the options for scale colors on the “Customize Your Own Griptilian” tool of their website. Tons of color options, several blade steels, any blade shape option, liner/lock/screw/clip colors, and even free lasermarking. Note: If you want a black clip, choose black oxide (it doesn’t scratch as easily)
    I suggest a Griptilian, possibly a mini if you want something smaller. Plain edge drop point works well for everyday tasks. Colors and custom lasermarking are up to you.
    Hope that helps!

  6. I’ve carried a Benchmade Griptilian for nearly 3 years now, and it’s just a good as the day I bought it. I’d recommend it to anyone. For her last Birthday, I got my little sister a Mini-Griptillian and it seems to be just the right size for the smaller set (relatively speaking, I’m 6’6 and she’s 5’2).
    A little bit pricey for a first knife, be it may very be your last EDC too.

  7. A Griptilian is a great choice, especially the 556, but I don’t think it’s elegant enough. A really sexy looking knife, in my opinion, is the CRKT Ripple with the blue anodized stainless steel handles. The larger one has about a 3.125″ blade length and the Ripple 2 has a 2.7″ blade length. The blade steel is Acuto+ which in my research seems to perform similarly to AUS8. The Ripple also comes with the IKBS ball bearing system which is a pro and a con. The blade comes out super smooth with IKBS however when taking apart the knife and cleaning it, you must be careful not to loose any of the ball bearings (they are quite small). The CRKT Ripple is a little expensive and a little hard to come by at a good price but I am loving it!

  8. I carry a SOG Micron & Micron II (tiny black ever useful knife & larger more useful blade) on my 2 keychains (truck keys & rest of the horde of steel I have). And a Benchmade Barrage as my pocket EDC. The spring assist is more useful then you can ever imagine. The Mini Barrage is also nice (gave my brother’s dad one for Christmas, he loves it) they both hold a pretty good edge and the lock is stout as well as the safety lock on the spine (can help to prevent the kiddos from flipping it open when your not looking HI HI) I’ve had a couple liner lock styles fold closed. One cut me nearly to the bone 😐 so I shy away from them now, but the Benchmade lock is VERY strong IMO.
    Good luck, since you’ve likely got access to a fair number of knives thou. My best advice is to handle quite a few and find one that feels comfortable to use (if it isn’t your not likely going to actually use it)

  9. Spyderco Delica. Many colors, simple lock, good size, reasonable cost, great value.

  10. Chris Reeve Small 21 Sebenza or Bradley Alias 2. Super light, great edge and blade geometry. Excellent fit/finish.

  11. Hi Aimee –
    I suggest a Spyderco Dragonfly – if you want a little color get the Salt version in yellow.
    Good luck in the new position!

  12. Hi! I have been carrying an EDC for years now and have bought a lot of my friends their first knife. I personally love bemchmade. My favorite EDC is the mini barrage. It is spring loaded though and might not be so good with the kids. It does have a lock on the back…. Which stumps a lot of my friends. My other EDC is the benchmade sequal. A little smaller and manual. I uaually get a mini griptillion for my friends. Very solid knife and reasonably priced. (if you don’t go the custom route) I dont own one myself yet, but it has been on my list for a while! All of these knives are small enough to fit in the pocket of even my tightest pants :). If you want something other than benchmade, the kershaw leek, onion, or flipper (kinda a fun little knife) are solid options too. The first two in that list are slring loaded, but have locks on them. Personally, I think the benchmade handles feel better in my hand. They have a little more
    to them in my opinion. Also, the benchmades mentioned have the axis lock, which I really like. Hope that helps!

  13. Welcome to the community. May I suggest a spyderco delica 4 ffg. I have it’s big brother the endura. Love the thing. sharpens easley takes a fine edge and holds it fairly well. Not a bad price and is light weight. Good luck.

  14. Spyderco Dragonfly, Ladybug, Manbug etc. All high quality knives with foolproof locks. If you want something bigger a Benchmade 556 or Delica4 should fit the bill.

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