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Tactical LEDs

We’ve touched on quite a few different types of LEDs on this blog: headlamps, keychain lights, regular flashlights, lanterns, and pocket-sized LEDs. One area we haven’t touched on yet, though, is tactical. If you carry a gun, having an LED nearby is a good idea. It’s always an option to hold a flashlight in one hand, gun in the other, but here’s another option for you:

 Streamlight TLR-1 C4 LED Flashlight Tactical Gun Mountable


These types of LEDs are largely used for law enforcement and home defense in low-lighting situations.

Why get a gun mountable LED?

You might be wondering, “Why would I want to have a special LED just for my gun?” That’s a fair question.  One reason is obvious; with a gun mountable LED, wherever you aim your gun, the light will be pointing, too. That way, you don’t need to focus on aiming two different objects at the same place. Also, it gives you two hands to steady your weapon with instead of one.

Secondly, many people say mountable LEDs are beneficial because they make it easy to momentarily disorient an attacker. This is done easily by shining the mounted light into the attacker’s eyes.

Possibly the biggest advantage of gun mountable LEDs is their convenience. If you need to grab your gun in  a hurry, you don’t want to fumble around in the dark for a flashlight, wasting valuable seconds. With a mountable LED, it can be right there, attached to your gun 24/7 should you  need it.

Now that you know why gun mountable LEDs are a good idea, let’s talk about the specs for this Streamlight LED Tactical Gun Mountable.



This LED comes with a two lithium batteries that have a 10-year storage life, so they are going to last you quite a long time, and the LED has a maximum output of 135 lumens. The light also has a rail grip clamp system that attaches securely, and it both attaches and detaches quickly so you can use it in a hurry. The on/off switch is ambidextrous, so any operator can use the light easily.

This is only one tactical LED available at Blade HQ. Be sure to check out the other weapon lights that Blade HQ carries.