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Knife Stars: Spotlight on Spyderco

In my last post on knives in the movies, I mentioned that Spydercos are pretty common in movies and TV shows. This discovery inspired me to create a whole post devoted to Spyderco knives on the big screen with a little help from my fellow Blade HQ team members, and of course my trusty friend, the internet. This is definitely not an exhaustive list, so feel free to leave comments about other productions you know of that feature Spyderco. Enjoy!

Training Day

It’s pretty easy to tell this is a Spyderco Police C07S.  You can clearly see the serrations across the whole length of the blade, the stainless steel handle, and if you look closely, you can see “police” on the blade. Also, there is a consensus at Blade HQ that this guy’s face is awesome.



cliffhangerendura 1st gen
Sylvester Stallone uses this Endura in Cliffhanger. The blade shape of this knife is consistent with a fully serrated Spyderco Endura. You can also see the black FRN on the handle.


Sylvester Stallone stars in Daylight, where he also uses a fully serrated Endura (just like in Cliffhanger).


This Spyderco Civilian is pretty easy to spot; the Karambit-style blade is the biggest giveaway that this is a Civilian. It actually has a patented reverse “S” blade.


hannibal 1
Here’s a Spyderco Harpy.


Monk is my favorite show of all time. Sometimes I’ll have a conversation with someone about it and they’ll say, “Yeah, I think I’ve watched one episode…”—and I don’t get it! Monk is such a great show. I don’t understand how you can watch one episode and not be hooked.
Anyway, since I started working at Blade HQ I’ve been a little more attentive to knives in movies, and I practically jumped out of my seat one night when I spotted a Spyderco in an episode I’ve seen half a dozen times before.
For anyone who cares, the next few photos are of a partially serrated Endura 4 from season 7 episode 4 (“Mr. Monk Takes a Punch”).

There is also a Police during the summation in Monk season 7 episode 16 (“Mr. Monk Fights City Hall”).
All of these knives are available at Blade HQ.
You can also check out another Spyderco that’s in The Walking Dead in this post. What other movies or TV shows have you seen Spydercos in?

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  1. There have been a couple of NCIS episodes where the Spyderco Police model was part of the show as well…

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