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Tachyon 3 Rumors!

Hey Guys, what’s up?  We’re coming to you from the heart of Blade HQ.  Lots of tachyon 3 rumors floating around the office today, and with all the hype we wanted to discuss it with you, so get those drool buckets ready cause here go!
So here’s what we already know, based off the custom model, is that this knife is the definition of sexy.   The quality factor of the knife has been cranked all the way up to 11, and it refuses to turn it back down!
It weighs in at 5.10 oz with a blade length of 4.50” and an overall length of 10.00” , which makes for one bad ass balisong.   It’s rocking Elmax blade steel ,AKA super steel, offering superior corrosion resistance while holding an excellent edge.  The titanium handles themselves feature inlay pocket clips and some impressive detailing really giving it a futuristic look, much like the tachyon particle itself.   Stylistically, the tachyon 3 sent us over the edge.  It’s just damn good looking pocket knife.    So that’s what we know about the custom.
Here are the rumors we’ve heard from the production line.   There will be a decrease in price,  which most likely means they’ll be using different materials. But it’s Microtech, so we know for sure that the attention to detail will still be on point.
There have been rumors about a ceramic ball bearings, or washers of some sort to ensure it moves how you would expect a butterfly to flow.
We’ve heard about the possibility of several different blade shapes showing up, with the potential of a trainer version popping up down the line. Personally, we are hoping to see a blacked out version, or even some acid wash. We’ve also been hoping for a new blade shape from Microtech for awhile, could this be it?  Seems like the perfect opportunity to us.  This is just the stuff we have picked so far,  take it with a grain of salt.
Alright guys, what have you been hearing? What do you hope to see, or not see in the production model?  Lets discuss in the comments below!

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