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Reate Event Horizon


Hey Knife Nuts!  Welcome back to the knife blog!   If you’re anything like us, you’ve been keeping a close eye on Reate knives!  They are relatively new to the knife game, but they seem to be in it to win it.  Pumping out quality knives like the District 9 and the Hills, they mean business.
First and foremost, we need to know, do you pronounce it “Re-ate” or “Re-ah-tay”.  There doesn’t seem to be one definitive answer.  We over here at the Knife blog have been saying it ‘Re-ate”, but it looks like most of you out there in YouTube land have been pronouncing it “re-ah-tay”.   So where do you fall on this issue?  How do you say it?
Regardless of how you pronounce it, one thing you can’t argue with is the quality of the knives they are making.   Knives made in china seem to have a bit of a stigma about them.  People immediately assume they are less quality, less reliable, all around less of a knife.  But Reate really seems to be breaking the mold with the new knives they are creating, in particular the Event Horizon.   If you are not excited about this knife, then you need to get excited!  These knives will be hitting Blade HQ shelves soon, and you don’t want to miss out on a knife that’s already making waves in the knife community!
Designed by Eric Wong, the Event Horizon comes in solid black or 2-tone, both seem to offer a fresh new style, one we are seriously looking forward to.   The term “event horizon” is a scientific term associated closely with black holes.  It’s the point where time, space, and everything we know begins to change.   They could not have chosen a better name for this knife.  They took something we think we knew, but with the event horizon, things begin to change in the best kind of way.  This Event Horizon truly marks the beginning of some great changes.
Coming in at a total length of 8.25”, with a functional Blade length of 3.5”, the Event Horizon feels great in your hand.  Its ergonomic design pairs perfectly with is incredibly smooth flipping action.  The handle is made from Titanium, while the blade is made from CPM-S35VN.   CPM-S35VN was introduced specifically to meet the knife needs of renowned knife maker Chris Reeve, so you know it’s tried and true quality.  This steel greatly reduces micro-bevel chipping.  This is the perfect steel for the blades Hollow grind design.  Usually, the hollow grind can wear down quickly, but when paired with the CPM-S35VN.  The steel can hold up to whatever you can throw at it, with minimal maintenance.
There has been some concern among knife fans that the knife looks heavy or cumbersome.   And we hear you!   This is a fairly common concern, and one we ourselves were a little concerned about.  We didn’t want something pulling on our pockets all day, weighing us down.  However, upon getting our hands on it, we can say this is not so much the issue.  The knife is a bit heavier than most, but the knife is made with hard work in mind.   It’s heavy in all the right ways, it will stand up to whatever you need.  So what does this mean exactly?  Well, it means it’s a great EDC for things like opening boxes or letters, while also being great for the harder, more grueling tasks you may come across.  It’s a great midpoint knife, a true embodiment of the “EDC Idea”.   The knife is a tip up carry, and there is no adjusting that.  But believe us, once you get your hands on the Event Horizon, you really won’t mind.
We are still several weeks out from actually getting the knife, but you may want to seriously consider pre-ordering yours soon!  As far as we are concerned, Reate (however you say it) has created something that is continuing to break the “Made in China” Stigma!   Guaranteed not to leave a ‘Black Hole” in your pocket, it’s worth every penny.
Are you excited about the Event Horizon?  Any questions you want answered?  Let us know in the comments below!

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