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Maglite MAG-TAC LED Flashlights

We’ve featured some smaller Maglite LEDs like this on the blog before:


But the company makes LED flashlights in a variety of sizes, so I wanted to touch on a few of the larger ones. I especially like these lights that Maglite makes:

mag-tac-led-flashlight-sg2lrb6-green mag-tac-led-flashlight-sg2lrc6-grey mag-tac-led-flashlight-sg2lrd6-copper mag-tac-led-flashlight-sg2lra6-black

I really like the matte look on these flashlights—it’s a nice change from the standard flat black that you see on many flashlights. These four flashlights all have the same specifications. Each one has a maximum output of 320 lumens and a maximum runtime of 240 minutes. These flashlights are each 5.25 inches in length with a 1-inch barrel diameter and 1-inch head diameter. With the batteries in, a Mag-TAC weighs 5.0 ounces, so it’s not terribly heavy.

These LEDs use two CR123A 3V batteries, but don’t worry; the first two batteries come with your flashlight. It has three different modes: momentary, full power, and strobe. The light also features a tailcap switch that can be turned on and off without affecting the beam focus. It also comes with a pocket clip.

These are pretty sweet LED flashlights that have great quality, and they look pretty sleek, too. Get this flashlight and all your LED flashlights at Blade HQ!