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Lessons in Learning to Flip

Have you ever watched someone flip a butterfly knife and think, “Oh, that looks easy”? Well, I did and I was completely wrong. Luckily, the first knife I bought was a butterfly trainer. After a weekend of constant practicing I realized that flipping a balisong is all about using the momentum of the knife while making sure your fingers are only making contact with the back of the blade.

The basic way to flip open a butterfly knife is to fling the one handle and the blade open, letting the ‘fling’ of the blade and ‘twist’ of the wrist build momentum, and spin the handle you’re holding.

Here are the steps to flipping a butterfly knife:

1. In your right hand hold the butterfly knife by the handle connected to the dull side of the blade.
2. Tilt your hand backward so that the other handle falls over the top of your hand.
3. Continue tilting your hand and move your hand at the wrist in a counter-clockwise circle.
4. Allow the momentum of the handle and the blade spin the handle you’re holding 180 degrees.

I practiced this basic move in slow motion for an entire weekend. After a while I felt comfortable flipping it faster and realized that I didn’t have to smack my knuckles every time I swung open the knife.

If you’re having a hard time following these written instruction, you are not alone. Like reading a foreign language, you will understand more as you practice and gain experience. Also, there are many instructional videos available online (just check out YouTube.com).

Once you’ve mastered the basics of flipping a Balisong, you’ll be able to perform tricks, flips, and spins that will no doubt impress anyone.

Thomas Cox

Shop Blade HQ