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LEDLenser Flashlights now at BladeHQ.com!

In stock flashlight brands available from BladeHQ.com!

Fenix Flashlights @ BladeHQ.com

Fenix Flashlights

Surefire Flashlights @ BladeHQ.com

Surefire Flashlights

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Xeno Flashlights

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4Sevens Flashlights

LED lenser Flashlight @ BladeHQ.com

LED Lenser Flashlights

Great news flashlight fans! BladeHQ.com now stocks LED Lenser Flashlights! We picked up the brand a few weeks ago and now have the full product line available for sale on our website. We really like these lights and are big fans of their innovative one hand adjustment feature that many of the lights have!

A bit about LED Lenser: LED Lenser lights are not only extremely bright, but also feature the technology to power long run times and beam distances without compromising size, weight, or usage of common battery styles. From keychain size to 1000 lumen lighting tools for professionals, our German engineering, attention to design detail and industry-leading warranty are second-to-none.

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  1. How different are led lights from hid lights? Is LED Lenser the same as they were before?

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