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Knives in the Movies

If you love knives (judging by the fact that you’re reading this, you do) and movies (if you say you don’t like them, I still won’t believe you), then today’s post just might give you a reaction like this, give or take a little.

Here are just a couple of movies that feature awesome knives, and guess what? You can find them at Blade HQ!



If you look at the blade shape, handle, and spikes on this knife, you can tell that it looks just like this Cobra Spike Fantasy Dagger:


It’s a pretty intimidating knuckle blade, if you ask me.

The Expendables


If you’ve seen The Expendables, then you’ve seen Lee Christmas and his mad knife-throwing skills. In the picture above, you can pick out the finger hole, thin handle, and a dagger blade that are on these United Cutlery Official Expendables 12” Kunai Throwers:


It’s a pretty awesome feeling when you spot a knife in a movie. Have you spotted any on the big screen?

One thought on “Knives in the Movies

  1. I hated cobra, but I loved that blade. Cheers folks. Hope my knife and knuckles bead were shipped today.

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