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Knives In Movies May 2015

Being knife enthusiasts, we are constantly on the look-out for knives in movies.  There is something exhilarating about watching a good movie and suddenly seeing one of your favorite knives pop up on screen.  We are constantly on the lookout for knives in movies, and we always love to share our finds with you.

We are going to start things off a little light.  An argument can be made, that the best part of “Despicable Me” are the minions.  However, a close second is the awesome knife reference they make, especially since it is a kids movie.  There is a particular scene where Gru needs to cut a wire, so he whips out his trusty OTF.  Who knew Gru had an EDC?  Pretty awesome right?  But it gets cooler.  This being an animated movie, it was obviously not a real knife, but it does look like it takes some inspiration from real world knives.  We can’t see enough of the handle to really make a guess, but we can see that it is black, and the blade has a drop point design.  If we had to  say, we would argue that it is based on a Microtech for sure.

Next we have the International Man of Mystery himself, Agent 007, James Bond.  At the start of the movie, James is fighting a bad guy on top of a train (Classic James Bond style).  Moneypenny is ordered to take the shot, even though it’s not a clear one.  The bullet misses the bad guy and slams right into 007’s arm, leaving shrapnel in his body and effecting his performance as an agent.  Well, being the awesome dude that he is, he takes a knife and carves out the pieces of metal himself.
Being the international many of mystery that he is, this knife eludes us.  After checking several different resources, and asking around, no one can seem to be able to pin down exactly what knife he is using!  What do you think?  We want to hear your theories!  Let us know!
Last, we have one of my favorite movies of all time!  Scream!  I watched this movie so many times in high school my DVD stopped working.  I can quote this movie verbatim.  Every time I get a call from a blocked number my heart skips a bit.  At my most recent comic-con, while everyone else was waiting to meet Carrie Fischer (Princess Leia), Patrick Stewart and David Tennant, I was the guy in line to meet Roger Jackson.  Who in the world is Roger Jackson you ask?  He’s the guy who does the voice of Ghostface.  I have his signature hanging on my wall.  Ok…I’ve geeked out enough.  Thanks for putting up with my fan-boy freak out. Let’s get to the “point” already.

I was ecstatic to find out that they used 2 different knives in the film.  They used the Buck 120 and the Buck 119.  I would argue that the 2 most Iconic parts of the Scream franchise are the mask and the knife.  Not only that, but they used the same design through all 4 movies, and they are going to be using it in the upcoming TV series.

2 thoughts on “Knives In Movies May 2015

  1. I believe willem Defoe uses a spyderco manix or tenacious in “the hunter”.

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