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Knives in Daredevil

Like the rest of the world, you have probably watched Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix several times now.  This marks the Marvel Cinematic Universes first foray into the gritty underground of Hell’s kitchen.  The Neighborhood is filled with thugs, junkies and all manner of mobsters.  It was only a matter of time before some fool pulled a knife on “The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen”.   In the very first episode ‘Into the Ring”, there is an intense knife fight between the hired thug sent to kill Karen, and Matt Murdock.  The two tussle around her apartment before eventually flying out a window, onto the rainy streets of New York. The hired killer, hoping to gain an edge” pulls a knife on everyone’s favorite blind vigilante.
The real question isn’t “will Daredevil be OK”, it’s “WHAT KNIFE IS THAT?”
There is a lot going on in this scene, between the rain, the frantic fighting and the quick camera work, it’s pretty tough to make out a lot of the details on the knife.  But we are sure on a few things.   The blade itself looks to have a grey, Reverse Tanto design.   The movement is a bit too quick to say whether the knife has any sort of serration or not, but near the bottom it looks like it may have a few ridges.
The handle is definitely black, with a ridge design.  If you look closely, you can make out that the knife features what appears to be an AXIS Lock.   For most of this fight scene, the knife is being held in hand, so it is difficult to make out too many defining features on the handle.  But we believe it shows just enough to make an educated guess.
After asking around our offices, with several people giving their opinions.  We are fairly certain that the knife is a Benchmade 810 Contego Axis Lock Knife.  There are several knives that come close in design, but the Benchmade 810 is, we believe, the best fit.  It features the reverse Tanto blade, the Axis lock, and ridged handle.
The hired killer may not have made the best decision to try and fight Daredevil, be he definitely made a great decision when picking out his knife.  The blade is a partially serrated, Reverse Tanto design, made from CPM-M4 material.  The ridges in the handle offer added grip (Especially If you are fighting in the rain).  We don’t recommend using this knife to fight, heroes, blind guys, or anyone for that matter.  This knife makes a better tool than it does a weapon.  Great For EDC!
So after looking at the images, what do you think?  Is it the Benchmade 810?  Do you have a better idea of what this knife could be?  Let us know your thoughts!

2 thoughts on “Knives in Daredevil

  1. My first thought was a 940 with carbon fiber handles since it’s hard to tell if the grips are a pattern or a texture. I think the giveaway that it’s as 810 is the stainless pivot pin, which on the 940 is blackened.

  2. A great way to tell it isn’t the 940 is the texture of the scales. The 810 has grips that have a bunch of diagonal strips cut deep into the material, which can be seen in some pictures on here, the 940 has smooth scales.
    These pictures clearly show that the scales are not smooth.

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