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Knife Suggestions, Tactical Style

I recently found out from our awesome store front that many people come into the store to find a knife for a friend who is getting deployed. I figured some of you that don’t get to come to our physical store might be wondering the same thing, so I asked around and got some great tactical knife recommendations. I separated them out into folders and fixed blades below:

Folding Knives

Benchmade 950 Rift
Benchmade Presidio
We especially like these Benchmade knives, but you really can’t go wrong with anything that is manual and has an AXIS lock—it is a reliable locking mechanism and it has great, one-handed operation.
Emerson CQC-13
This knife is a great option because it has Emerson’s Wave opening feature, which is crazy fast.
Emerson Commander
The Commander comes in a few different sizes, and many of the models also have the Wave opening feature. The Emerson Roadhouse is also a good option.
Zero Tolerance Knives
zero-tolerance-0301-strider-onion-folder-green (1)
Zero Tolerance is stellar all around. Really, any knife would make a great choice.
Kershaw Blur
Kershaw Brawler
If you’re looking for something that isn’t as expensive as the knives mentioned above, the Blur and Brawler are some great options for you. Both knives have assisted opening and can be opened quickly.
Spyderco Civilian
spyderco-civilian-c12gsThe Spyderco Civilian is an excellent choice for anyone who knows how to handle a knife and has been around them for a while.

Fixed Blades
ESEE knives are great options, even if you don’t take their solidity and warranty into consideration. They are practical, and an additional perk is that they can be attached directly to a tactical vest where they will be easily accessible.
Protech Spindrift
This is a decent-sized blade, but it doesn’t have unnecessary bulkiness. The contours in the handle are unique, too, and they add dependable gripping.
TOPS Knives
TOPS makes some great tactical knives and they are all pretty varied. You can narrow down which knife is best for your situation depending on the blade size, shape, and thickness you’re looking for.
Dastinelli Creations R.E.D. Knife Raptor
This knife was originally designed for a French special forces unit and is a sleek and efficient tool.
If you need a complement to your tactical knife, check out our Tactical Pen Guide.
These are some of our suggestions for anyone in need of a good tactical knife, but there are still lots of other good ones out there—what knives would you recommend?

5 thoughts on “Knife Suggestions, Tactical Style

  1. Those knives are all good suggestions. I will list some of the knives I had with me while I was on my deployment: Folding Knives- Microtech Socom Elite and Delta-great all around carry knives. The Zero Tolerance 560 and 561 were excellent all round carry knives as well. I had a few Spydercos but I don’t remember off hand the different models, but you can’t go wrong with a Spyderco. I also had the Emerson CQC-8 knife along with the Emerson Horseman (smaller version of the CQC-8).
    For fixed blades, I had the Spartan Blades Ares and Phrike. I had the Phrike on my belt almost at all times. Great utility knife and probably would be a great self defense knife. Thankfully, I never had to find out.The Benchmade Adamas fixed blade is also an outstanding knife to use on a deployment. I got one and many soldiers in my unit ended up buying one as well. It’s relatively more affordable than most knives and in my opinion, the best value of the fixed blades I had with me. I also had fun trying to wrap the paracord around the handle. Toward the end of my deployment, I discovered Brous Blades various neck knives. I had a few soldiers who liked those as well.
    I mostly used my knives to cut up boxes, water bottles, fruit, and packing tape. I didn’t do anything spectacular with them, but I knew that I could rely on them if I had to.
    I hope this helps give people some ideas.

  2. If your going for a “tactical” knife ie one that is going to be used to kill someone you might as well carry a purpose made fighting knife. Those drop point knives lack the penetration, of a tanto blade, like the Emerson Horseman, or even an older benchmade LUM LFTI. Depending on how you would fight, something like a civilian by spyderco or even something like a bedlam would be an all around great knife. Spyderco Szabo. Bang, great stabbing for a more lethal impact and great slashing for getting someone away from you.
    These are more of utility knifes. Buy a blackjack model-7, and you will be good.
    Three things can happen in a knife fight: You cut your opponent, He cuts you, or likely you both get cut, so maximize your initial damage.

  3. Having done quite a bit of this type of training I came to the conclusion that the Tactical Folder is not the best bet to defend your life. Under intense psychogenic stress the first place affected as the neural surge and adrenal dump prepare the organism for the life and death battle, is the fingers. With a folder you’ll be trying to dig the weapon out….with the fingers. You’ll be trying to flick open the blade….with the fingers. Finally you’ll be trying to then shift to a more secure grip….with the fingers.

  4. Hay Dan, first of all, thank you for your serving our country. Second thanks for the info on the knives. It is good to know that the information provided comes from someone who actually has used theses blades in the field.
    Good luck and many blessings to you and and your family.
    David M.

  5. Thanks for your comments and added perspective! Your comment reminded me that someone here did mention the Civilian to me, but it looks like I forgot to include it in the post. I’ll add that in right away. Thanks again for stopping by!

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