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Well knife fans, this was one crazy round!  It was absolutely anyone’s game, really coming down to the wire!  In a buzzer beating finish a true winner emerged thanks to all you loyal knife enthusiasts voting and commenting for your favorite!  The Benchmade Griptilian put up an iron clad defense, but ultimately it was the Spyderco Paramilitary 2 that broke through and took the title of champion!
With patented spydiehole, satin finish and stainless steel frame, its no wonder this knife is a fan favorite.  This popular Spyderco knife has won several competitions, now it can add this one to it’s continually growing list.
Let’s not forget the Benchmade’s Griptilian.  It may have taken second place, but in a bracket that started with 16, that’s nothing to be ashamed of.  This every man’s knife really put up a phenomenal fight.  Perfect for hiking/camping and every day carry, this knife dominated its previous competition.  Getting this far in the competition truly is something to be proud of!
These 2 phenomenal knives really put up a great fight in this contest of champions, this duel of destiny, this KNIFE MADNESS!!  But we all knew only one could be the winner, only one could emerge victorious.  The Paramilitary 2 has long been a fan favorite, and it was this popularity that really gave it the added boost to take the advantage.  With a final score of 748 for the Paramilitary 2, and 483 for the Benchmade Griptilian, there was just no stopping the PM2.  We appreciate all the votes, and comments from you, the loyal knife fans.  We hope you enjoyed this, we sure did!  Check back here for more great knife info!

One thought on “KNIFE MADNESS WINNER!!

  1. This has been a great result for Spyderco.A good competition put on by you guys.I love watching and reading your reviews,especially on YouTube with The Late Boy Scout.some great things you’ve done.Back to the Paramilitary 2,this is one great all round,all purpose knife that once you’ve started to carry with you and use,you won’t want to be without. A true companion. Well done guys,keep up the good work. Best,Ash.

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