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Kershaw Cryo

Thank you all for the many great EDC recommendations. After testing out the various knives, I narrowed down the list to three: Chris Reeve 21 Sebenza, Spyderco Junior and the Spyderco Sage. The Kershaw Leek and Chive were close seconds. The Hogue EX04 is on my wish list as well. I was gung ho to buy the Spyderco Sage; had my plastic out ready to swipe and…the amount rang up and I found myself unable to flick my wrist. I couldn’t bring myself to spend $115. I just couldn’t justify it in my mind. Call me cheap. Call be a penny-pincher. Call me Aimee. I’m sure 6 months down the road, I’ll read this and laugh, “Haha…$100 for a decent knife…pshaw…that’s milk money!” So I don’t have an EDC right at this moment. However, my wonderful brother-in-all is letting me borrow his Sage (isn’t he nice?).
What does my previous post have to do with the Kershaw Cyro? For those of you who are not yet in the know, the Kershaw Cryo II just came into our warehouse today. Woohoo! There was some buzz about it around the office. My boss suggested I get the Kershaw Cryo instead of the Sage. I said I’d give it a look:
I have to say, it is a wonderful little spring assist knife, a Rick Hinderer design. The design is simple and sleek. The 8Cr13MoV steel blade and stainless steel handle are matte-gray coated with titanium-carbon-nitride. It has a framelock with a Hinderer lockbar stabilizer. It is not the lightest knife out there; there is some heft to it. It has dual thumb studs and a flipper. There’s jimping on the blade and handle. The best part of this knife is the price: high-quality construction for an affordable price is always a good thing. You can find it at BladeHQ.com for only $31.95.
Kershaw Cryo @ BladeHQ.com

My hubby doesn’t know it, but I will be going home tonight with a Cryo in my pocket.

4 thoughts on “Kershaw Cryo

  1. When you get the funds…just get a Sebenza and be done with it. I have 3 and its the only knife that I EDC for several years now. Just so much style and precision in a Sebenza.

  2. That’s a great start though, as I realize that the Sebenzas is quite an investment. Carry it in good health. 🙂

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