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In Stock: Limited Run Bradley Kimura Balisongs

If you’re a fan of Bradley balisongs, then you probably know that the Kimura series has been discontinued. However, over here at Blade HQ we got our hands on a limited run  of Kimuras, specifically the Kimura IX and Kimura X. Take a look:


The Kimura 9 has a mirror polished finish and a spear point blade, and like all Kimuras, it offers excellent action for the price. Other features of the knife include a 5-inch handle and a 3.875-inch blade, and it weighs 5.65 ounces.

Here’s the Kimura X:


Like the Kimura IX, this version has a mirror polished finish, but it has a tanto blade. The handle length, blade length, and weight are all the same on the IX and X.

One other thing to note is that because the series is discontinued, there is no warranty associated with either Kimura.

This might be your last chance to get a Kimura, so don’t wait too long if you’ve been thinking about adding a Kimura to your collection.

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