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Best Knives for $100 or Less


A while back we did a post on the best knives for $150 or less, and after the fact, we had some requests for knife recommendations at lower price points. I attempted finding the best knives for $50 or less and $80 or less, but it seemed like those prices limited the options a little too much for people around here. Once I upped the price range, however, everyone had an easier time choosing recommendations—hence the price limit of $100.
For those who were hoping for a lower price range, don’t fret; there are some knives listed with lower prices.Take a look at some of our favorite knives for $100 or less and let us know what your favorites are!
(A couple of these are repeats from the last post because they’re just that good, but most of them are different to give you more options.)

Boker Kwaiken
“The Kwaiken is super slim and also feels good in the hand.” – Products

Kershaw Damascus Skyline
The Skyline is a popular Kershaw, and the addition of Damascus makes it even cooler and an even better deal.

Cold Steel 4” Talwar
“I like it because it’s really durable and fits the hand really well. It’s also pretty lightweight so you almost don’t notice it in your pocket.” –Customer Service

Ka-Bar Short Becker Series (BK15, 16, & 17)
“You get the awesome 1095 cro van steel, different handle color options and if you make a kydex sheath you can wear it anywhere. I have the 17 and the clip point will take care of anything that I come across.” -Warehouse

Kershaw Blur
The Blur uses premium materials, is made in the USA, has quick assisted-opening action, has a solid makeup, and is available in lots of different colors and finishes. -Marketing

Boker Dark Hollow
boker-plus-folder-dark-hollow-od-green-01bo161 “The Dark Hollow is a low-cost alternative to a custom design.” -Marketing

Spyderco Manix
The Manix was just too good to pass up on this list. A couple of different employees recommended it, and here’s what they had to say about it:
“The Manix has a very comfortable grip . . . and I like the ball bearing lock.” –Products
“It is just an extremely solid knife with a super steel for less than $100, . . . good g10, nice file work on the scales, solid and thick blade/lock up system, and really comfortable, one of the best EDC choices in my opinion.” –Customer Service

Ontario RAT Model 1
“The Rat is just an amazingly decent knife for how low it is sold for, and is really smooth and reliable.” -Customer Service

Kershaw Leek
“It is legal in all states, as fast as an automatic, keeps a good edge, sharp out of the box, comfortable pocket carry, looks sleek, and if there are any issues it has great warranty from a company with good customer service.” –Customer Service

Benchmade Mini Griptilian (only the satin versions)
*Only the satin versions of the Mini Griptilian are under $100.
Here’s what a few people had to say about these blades:
“Benchmades are always good quality and the size is just right for someone with small hands, like myself.” –Order Fulfillment
“Great steel, smooth opening, just the right size, textured handle for good grip, great warranty with Benchmade.” –Operations

These are our picks; what’s your favorite blade for $100 or less?
Have a great weekend and be sure to feed your knife addiction at Blade HQ!

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  1. Scrap Yard Knife Company 411
    4.5 inch fixed blade 3/16 th thick
    Great Residence C Murder handles.
    Guaranteed for life of blade. No questions asked.

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