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Impressive LED Flashlights

There are some really outstanding and powerful flashlights these days. Here’s a list of some of the most impressive LED flashlights on the market right now (based on our opinion):

Surefire 6PX Tactical LED Flashlight:

Surefire ‘s 6PX Tactical  is a small light with extreme illuminating power – 200 Lumens. With a length of 5.20 inches this knife has both portability and power to rival any LED flashlight out there. Surefire also makes a polymer-body version of this light, the G2X tactical, and  the 6PX Pro, the dual-output version with a two-stage click-type tail cap switch.


Max Output:         200 Lumens
Length:            5.2 inches
Weight w/Batteries:    5.2 ounces (excluding batteries)
Batteries:        2 – 123A

Romisen RC-T6

There are only a few LED lights out there in the market that can a punch like the Romisen RC-T6. Made with aluminum alloy material and equipped with 1500 Lumens, the RC-T6 is a perfect fit for anyone fond of outdoor adventures. This light has the power to illuminate all terrain whether it be rain or shine.

Max Output: 1500 Lumens
Length: 9.1 inches
Weight w/Batteries: 13.47 ounces (excluding batteries)
Batteries: 4 – CR123A

Fenix TK35 LED Flashlight

Fenix has always been a fierce competitor in LED flashlight market and again they’ve out performed other competitors with this stunning piece – the Fenix TK35. The TK35 received a “Best In Show” award at the Outdoor Retailer trade show for it’s toughness, durability, and it’s imressive 800 lumens that could throw a 1000 foot beam. That is power! The TK35 includes several settings – Turbo (820 Lumens), High (346 lumens), Mid (109 Lumens), Low (12 Lumens) – a handheld body design made of aircraft-grade aluminum, and a unique flat design that is both anti-roll and comfortable to grip. Lastly, the TK35 is the first to use the CREE XM-L which is the most efficient LED on the market.

Max Output: 820 Lumens
Length: 6.5 inches
Weight w/Batteries: 9 ounces (excluding batteries)
Batteries: 4 – CR123A Batteries

By Chad Shumacher

One thought on “Impressive LED Flashlights

  1. I’ve had the TK35 for about a year now and must say it works very well. Battery life is very good and it’s easy to use.
    Several friends that I have shown the light to have liked it also and wanted to buy it!

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