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Go For Boker Plus Striker

From acid etching, to his minimalist designs, Lucas Burnley has a real passion for knife design.  Each and every one of his designs has his own personal touch and vision.  He finds his inspiration in mixing classical examples, different styles, and genres.  Lucas strives for clean functionality, as well as artistic style.  Working with materials such as stainless steel, titanium, and composite handle materials.  When you purchase a Lucas Burnley piece, you are buying more than just a knife, you are buying a piece of art.  Pair that attention to detail, and passion with a knowledgeable company like Boker and you get something truly one of a kind.
Boker has been operating since the 17th century.  Originally crafting tools in the shade of a large chestnut tree, Boeker was very successful.  Eventually, due to a time of political unrest, Boker began crafting swords and sabers to assist in various war efforts, and they have been perfecting the craft ever since.  Boker is neck deep in rich history.  They have a profound, true passion for extraordinary knives, and it’s this passion that ensures they continue to provide unique and reliable knives today.
Following the Boker Kwaiken Burnley Knife, The Boker Plus Burnley Striker had some very large shoes to fill.  It does not disappoint.  This is a truly special fixed blade.  Giving us the feel of a custom knife, without the custom price tag.   The black finished blade, combined with the black Micarta handle really speaks to Burnley’s minimalist designs.  The Striker has an elongated Ricasso, designed as a thumb rest guard, giving you that added control. The handle length of 5.00” combined with the blade length of 6.625” bring this knife in at a total of 11.625”.  The Dagger style blade really hearkens
back to Boker’s prosperous history in saber making.  Made of 440C stainless steel, this knife provides a strong, reliable penetrating power.   You really feel like you are carrying something special when you attach this uncommon knife to your belt.   Coming with Kydex sheath, and modular belt holder, this fixed blade is perfect for tactical use.
This unique knife won’t last forever.  Add this fixed blade to your collection before it’s gone.

2 thoughts on “Go For Boker Plus Striker

  1. Hello, I’ve got the Striker. A couple years back I broke the snap belt loop and took it off. I put it on the shelf I was staying at. When I got home I realized I left it in the barracks I figured I’d be back and that never happened. It was only a two week AT at Fort Roberts. What would it take to purchase a new belt clip? Thanks, Ralph please call, leave a message if I don’t answer in time. 602-741-3157

  2. Hey Ralph! Contact Boker’s customer service department. I’m sure they can sort you out.

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