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EDC Knife: What Type of Knife Should I Carry?

EDC Knife types

You’ve probably seen “EDC” thrown around here and there. For any of you out there who don’t already know, “EDC” stands for “everyday carry.” Most knife lovers out there have a designated EDC knife, but there are lots of different knife types out there, so what type of knife should you use as an EDC? There’s no one right answer to this question, but there are pros and cons to each knife type. If you’re looking for an EDC and aren’t sure what knife you should carry, here’s some info to help you decide.

Folding Knives

cold-steel-micro-recon-1-black-orange-spear-27tdsryWhen you think of an everyday carry knife, folders are probably the knives that come to mind. I’d be willing to bet that most people elect to use a folding knife as their EDC, and for good reason. Folding knives are generally pretty simple to use and can be surprisingly fast to open. Another huge perk of folding knives is that they are dependable and have fewer parts that can break compared to knives like automatics and OTFs, which have more complicated mechanisms in place. Best of all, folding knives will handle the tasks you’re likely to come across on a daily basis.

Automatic Knives

boker-kalashnikov-ser-01kals74bChoosing to EDC an automatic knife means two things for you: fun and convenience. With automatic knives, the blade can be deployed with the simple push of a button, leaving you awe-inspired. The easy opening also makes automatic knives great one-handed opening. As mentioned above, automatic knives do have more parts that can malfunction than folding knives. They are also legal in fewer places than folding knives are, so that’s one thing you have to watch out for with automatic knives.

Butterfly Knives

green-legion-micarta-butterflyI don’t know too many people who EDC a butterfly knife, but there are some hardcore, dedicated flippers out there who have been known to carry a balisong in their pocket or in a sheath around their neck. Butterfly knives aren’t great for heavy tasks, but they can handle the lighter tasks you encounter on a day-to-day basis. Also, I don’t need to tell you that they’re fun and can provide limitless entertainment. Butterfly knives can provide you with a hobby and impressive skill if you put in the time necessary.

Italian-Style Knives

frank-b-stiletto-9-bayo-stagItalian knives are the knives to EDC if you want something fun and classy. Like automatic knives, Italian-style knives are often deployed with the push of a button, so they’re super easy to operate. However, Italian knives are intended only for very light tasks and shouldn’t be used for anything too heavy.

OTF Knives

lightning-red-plain-bladeJust like automatic knives, OTFs are a blast to use, but they’re even more convenient to use than autos. This Lightning is a double-action OTF, meaning the blade is both deployed and retracted by sliding a button back and forth. Basically the same negatives apply to OTFs and autos—they have more parts that can break and aren’t legal in as many places as folding knives.

Spring Assisted Knives

crkt-endorser-1105-2Spring assisted knives are a great happy medium between folding knives and automatic knives. They have speedy blade deployment and are fun to use, but they are legal in more places than automatic knives. Spring assisted knives make great EDC choices and should be able to handle the normal tasks you encounter on a daily basis.

Fixed Blade Knives


Fixed blades are less commonly used as EDCs than other types of knives, but they are an outstanding option if you are going to require heavier use from your knife. Fixed blade knives are extremely sturdy and dependable, though they don’t always come in carry-friendly sizes for everyday carry. If you think you want to EDC a fixed blade, I highly recommend the ESEE Izula. It’s pretty small for a fixed blade (all in all in measures 6.25 inches) and it comes with a sheath, so you can use it for neck carry or even keep it in your purse or bag.


What type of knife do you prefer to use as your EDC? If you’re on the lookout for a new EDC knife, be sure to head on over to Grindworx to check out all of your options!