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Disney Brings New Life to LED Lights!

If you are on this blog, it’s because you adore LED lights.  I know I do.  Being a huge fan, I love to see how different people are using LED’s, how they are being revolutionized, and seeing the amazing things they are truly capable of.  Browsing around the other day, I stumbled across a new, really amazing use of LED lights.  Disney has always been on the forefront of revolutionizing entertainment, we all know that.   But they have taken that to an entirely new level with their new “glow with the show” technology.  Debuting as part of their 60th anniversary celebration in Disneyland, these new Mickey Mouse ears utilize IR technology and LED lights to bring an entirely new level of LED magic to the parks.


All of this would not be possible without Steve Davison.  Steve has brought an entirely new, LED filled, magic to the parks shows.  He brought the “Paint the Night” parade to Disney Hong Kong last September utilizing 1.5 Million LED lights.  He used that parade as a jumping off point to bring the “Paint the Night” parade to Disneyland Anaheim.  This parade will feature 76 performers in Lighted, LED costumes that will change color in coordination with the music.  But wait, it gets cooler.


Remember that IR technology I mentioned earlier?  That plays a huge role in bringing the LED magic to the guests, really immersing them in the show.  How this works is something truly incredible.  Guests will be able to purchase a unique pair of Mickey Mouse ears that, when turned on, will light up using an LED light inside.  But that isn’t the cool part.  When watching any of the amazing shows in the park, the ears will receive the IR signal, and change color in accordance with the show.  They will blink along to the music, change color to match the floats driving by, even change to match the fireworks exploding over their heads.  Bringing a whole new kind of immersion to those watching the shows.


This is one truly amazing use of LED lights, revolutionizing their use in entertainment, and basically all around.  Just reading about things like this really make me want to go out and tinker with my LED lights, see what things I am capable of doing.  Just when I think LED’s can’t get any cooler, something like this comes along and really re-ignites that LED love.  I plan on getting out my Coast TX10 4-Color LED flashlight and making some LED magic of my own.

So what do you think?  Does this new use of LED’s catch your attention?  Re-ignite your love of LED’s?  Do you know someone else who is bringing new live to LED’s?  Let us know all that and more in the comments.

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