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Charge your Battery


Any flashlight enthusiast knows that constantly replacing and maintaining batteries can be a huge pain, not to mention pricy.   Batteries aren’t cheap.  Consistently picking up a pack from the store and replacing them time and time again can really start to add up.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s always great to have a good back up, but sometimes you need something you can rely on for an extended amount of time.  For that, you will wanted to go rechargeable.  A rechargeable battery may not last forever, but it will drastically cut down on the amount of times you are replacing your batteries.

But, this brings up the next logical question.  How do I get the best charge for my buck?  When it comes to rechargeable’s, where do I start?

Lucky enough for you, we are here to help, and provide you with a few options.

Fenix is a trusted brand when it comes to LED lights.  They are consistently pumping out quality, reliable lights.  So it is safe to assume their rechargeable battery system is just as reliable, and affordable.  They offer a multitude of different battery sizes, for any number of different lights.   From the 16340 Li-ion for only $5.95 each, all the way up to the ARB-L4-4800.   There are so many options, Fenix is sure to have the battery for whatever you need.


On top of their diverse selection, they also offer a fantastic Multi-charger.  With 4 slots, this system lets you charge multiple batteries at a time.  Making it much easier, and much less time consuming.  On top of that, this charger is also able to charge batteries of different sizes and shapes.  Making this the ideal system for someone looking to charge batteries for different flashlights.  For only $49.95, this charger will save you a fortune on batteries over time.


NiteCore also offers an impressive way to keep your batteries charged, without dropping a fortune.   The intellicharge i2 universal automatic battery smart-charger offers 2 slots for different sizes.  While not offering as many as the Fenix, it does come with a more modest price tag of only $16.95, while still giving you the opportunity to charge multiple batteries at a time. \


So no matter what kind of battery you need, we definitely have a way to help you save.  Go with a rechargeable battery and always be prepared for whatever comes your way.

Do you have a rechargeable system you depend on?  Any tips or tricks?  Let us know in the comments section below.