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Budget Throwing Knives

Boker Mini Bo-Kri

You’re probably eager to start fine-tuning your knife-throwing skills. You’re probably keen on visiting a beach, too. While the beach might not be a possibility in your near future—especially if you’re in the middle of a brown desert like us here at Blade HQ  knife throwing can be!

Whether you’re simply looking to have some fun or striving to become the next Throwdini, you’ll of course need a good throwing knife. If you don’t already have one, or if you’re looking to get a new one, consider this throwing knife:

Boker Mini Bo-Kri


The Mini Bo-Kri is an amazing knife for the price. Its construction provides perfect balance, and this knife is really fun to throw. A team member told me that you can put a crazy spin on this knife, and it will almost always stick in a target if it’s thrown right. The Mini-Bo-Kri is a pretty durable blade, as well.

Here’s another option for you:

Uzi Throwing Knives


If you prefer a lighter weight for your throwing knives, these ones might be for you. These knives come in a set of two, with one large knife (8”) and one small knife (6”). The aggressive jimping on the spine provides a nice grip, and these knives come at an affordable price.


There are so many throwing knives at Blade HQ in addition to throwing axes and more. Check them out! Become a master knife thrower!

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