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Bradley Kimura


The Kimura series are wildly popular, and anyone who owns a Kimura knows why.

If you’re moving away from budget butterflies, or if you’re in the market for a new stellar butterfly, do yourself a favor and consider a Bradley Kimura. The knives offer great quality and can currently be had for less than $100. It’s hard to find a really good butterfly for that price (most top-notch butterflies are around $200), but any Kimura fits in that category; they are made in the USA and they have smooth flipping action, a durable build, and a decent steel.

Now, that being said, there are a couple of differences between the Kimura series and butterfly knives that cost $100+ more, such as the steel that is being used. While the steel in the Kimura knives is quite good, it will need to be re-sharpened more often than more expensive knives if you use the knife for cutting tasks, which really isn’t a big deal. If you just use your butterflies for flipping, you shouldn’t need to worry about this much, if at all.

However, for its price, you really can’t beat the quality of the Kimura. These butterflies are stellar all-around, and they are much more affordable than butterfly knives of similar quality and functionality.

As I mentioned earlier, these butterfly knives are popular for a reason. They are a huge bang for your buck, and they utilize great materials for long-lasting, dependable butterfly knives. Get your Kimura at Blade HQ.

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